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In March 2020 we produced a video - The Advanced Covid-19 Agenda: The Era of Forced Convergence which was immediately BANNED across all platforms and we had to re-upload it numerous times. It now appears that what we were suggesting as a possible theory behind Covid-19 is now coming closer to being exposed as reality as more and more scientists and researchers are beginning to provide evidence. Only time will tell......but its just a theory based on what the Elites have been suggesting what they want to do for the last 70 years or more.

The Intra-Body Nano Network (13th Dec 2021)


As most people are by now aware, Covid has nothing to do with a virus......

Max Igan - Political Dissident

Max Igan in his 2012 visionary film Trance-Formation was one of the first activists to raise concerns about the plans of the Billionaire Globalists to implant the human race with technology in order that we could be enslaved, controlled, our behaviour altered. Max is currently residing in Mexico after having to flee Australia before the Ozzie Gestapo could arrest him. In his latest video 17th December 2021 he raises some interesting points....


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Max Igan 2012

In this video published on the 19th December 2021 Max Igan provides details on the Intra-Body Nano Network in which he shows a video of himself from 2012 where he details how the NWO will attempt to get technology into the human body as part of the transhumanistic agenda.


The co-founders of this website have followed the work of Max Igan since 2009 and we are fully aware of the sacrifices Max has made in order that he could get his message out to the world of the criminal organisations and psychopathy of those that rule over us. You can see from the photographs on the right of Max's weight loss since 2012 as he has struggled to obtain an income as he refused to charge anyone for accessing his films and radio shows.  We are all aware that there are a lot of people who have made a very comfortable living charging fee's for their content that call themselves truth activists and so forth and this is why we are asking that if you are thinking of donating to anyone in 2022, we ask that you consider donating to Max on one of the below methods.



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Max Igan 2021


This year Max Igan will be making the sequel to Trance-Formation and if you would like to fund, sponsor or to donate to this project please contact Max direct here. His Trance-Formation film from 2012 can be viewed here.

The Metaverse is a Scam 

Joe Allen on Transhumanism


The Hive Mind of Atlantis, its happened before


The Matrix Resurrections (Full Movie 25 Dec 2021)


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The Era of Forced Convergence