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Page Creation: 19th December 2021


Last Updated: 25th April 2024

In March 2020 we produced a video - The Advanced Covid-19 Agenda: The Era of Forced Convergence which was immediately BANNED across all platforms and we had to re-upload it numerous times. It now appears that what we were suggesting as a possible theory behind Covid-19 is now coming closer to being exposed as reality as more and more scientists and researchers are beginning to provide evidence. Only time will tell......but its just a theory based on what the Elites have been suggesting what they want to do for the last 70 years or more.

The Intra-Body Nano Network (13th Dec 2021)


As most people are by now aware, Covid has nothing to do with a virus......

Max Igan - Political Dissident

Max Igan in his 2012 visionary film Trance-Formation was one of the first activists to raise concerns about the plans of the Billionaire Globalists to implant the human race with technology in order that we could be enslaved, controlled and our behaviour altered. Max is currently residing in Mexico after having to flee Australia before the Ozzie Gestapo could have him detained for the crime of 'telling zee truth'. 

Update 10th August 2022: Before going down the mainstream 'Westworld' rabbit hole, it is worth while examining the work of Dr Robert Gilbert and his Rosicrucian Initiation series:


Please Support Max Igan 

Max Igan 2012

In this video published on the 19th December 2021 Max Igan provides details on the Intra-Body Nano Network in which he shows a video of himself from 2012 where he details how the NWO will attempt to get technology into the human body as part of the transhumanistic agenda.


The co-founders of this website have followed the work of Max Igan since 2009 and we are fully aware of the sacrifices Max has made in order that he could get his message out to the world of the criminal organisations and the psychopathy of those that rule over us. You can see from the photographs on the right of Max's weight loss since 2012 as he has struggled to obtain an income as he refused to charge anyone for accessing his films and radio shows.  We are all aware that there are a lot of people who have made a very comfortable living charging fee's for their content that call themselves truth activists and so forth and this is why we are asking that if you are thinking of donating to anyone in 2022/23, we ask that you consider donating to Max on one of the below methods.


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You can also make a donation via WISE Bank Transfer by contacting Max and requesting his account details (here)


Max Igan 2021


Mexico is not a safe place for activists to go to: Mexico's Disappeared (Redfish)

This year Max Igan is hoping to make the sequel to Trance-Formation and if you would like to fund, sponsor or to donate to this project please contact Max direct here. His Trance-Formation film from 2012 can be viewed here.

The Metaverse is a Scam 


Nano-Man Documentary 27th January 2022


Steve Falconer - Spacebusters Channel  (Bitchute)

Steve Falconer is an American musician and artist living in Denmark who has been making outstanding documentary films over the last couple of years which have debunked Germ Theory, exposed Bill Gates deviant bloodlines, he has outmatched the worlds most dangerous anthropologist Robert Sepehr in his films on racial theory, eugenics, Egyptian history and Tartaria and his new film Nano-Man is a work of art, as well as being very funny.


If you would like to sponsor any of his future films, contribute to his film fund or make a donation, use the below tip jars. He can also be contacted via his Spacebusters Channel email:


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Whats Really Going on ,..... (Dark Forces)

The Hive Mind of Atlantis, Its Happened Before


The World is run by Paedophiles


Post-Humanism Documentary


This below video is a good example of an Elitist propaganda film in support of transhumanism. The entire channel of Transhumania is worth looking at to be aware of the funding behind such propaganda.

Transcendent Man By Ray Kurzweil

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Dr David Hawkins PhD

If you believe that pursuing the path towards transhumanism is not the correct path for humanity, then you are left with only one other direction - The Path of Spiritual Evolution

Sir David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. was a nationally renowned psychiatrist, physician, researcher, spiritual teacher and lecturer. The uniqueness of his contribution to humanity comes from the advanced state of spiritual awareness known as ” Enlightenment,” “Self–Realization,” and “Unio Mystica.”Rarely, if ever, has this spiritual state occurred in the life of an accomplished scientist and physician. Therefore, Dr. Hawkins was uniquely qualified to present a spiritual path that is scientifically compelling to modern society.

The classical hallmarks of this state are pristine awareness of Ultimate Reality, compassion for all beings, tireless dedication to alleviate suffering, radiant joy, and humor. People from all walks of life, nationalities, and spiritual orientations honor Dr. Hawkins as a teacher of advanced awareness, exemplified in the title “Rae Ryeong Seon Kak Tosa” (Foremost Teacher of the Way to Enlightenment) bestowed upon him in Korea.

Founding Director of the Institute for Spiritual Research, Inc. (1983) and Founder of the Path of Devotional Nonduality (2003), Dr. Hawkins  lectured widely at such places as Westminster Abbey; Oxford Forum; Universities of Notre Dame, Michigan, Argentina, Fordham and Harvard; University of California (SF) Medical School; Institute of Noetic Sciences; and Agape Spiritual Center (Los Angeles). In addition, he was  an advisor to Catholic, Protestant, and Buddhist monasteries. He has conferred with foreign governments on international diplomacy and has been instrumental in resolving long–standing conflicts that were major threats to world peace.

He was featured in recent documentary films, magazines, and radio interviews (e.g., Oprah Radio and Institute of Noetic Sciences) for his work in the areas of health, healing, recovery, spirituality in modern life, consciousness research, and meditation.

Dr. Hawkins entered the field of medicine to alleviate human pain and distress, and his work as a physician was pioneering. As Medical Director of the North Nassau Mental Health Center (1956–1980) and Director of Research at Brunswick Hospital (1968–1979) on Long Island, his clinic was the largest practice in the United States, including a suite of twenty–five offices, two thousand outpatients, and several research laboratories. In 1973, he co–authored the ground–breaking work, Orthomolecular Psychiatry with Nobel Laureate chemist Linus Pauling, initiating a new field within psychiatry.

His clinical breakthroughs brought appearances on The Today Show, The Barbara Walters Show and The Mcneil/Leher News Hour. In the 1970s, he co–founded several psychiatric organizations, including the Editorial Board of the Journal of Schizophrenia and the Attitudinal Healing Center in New York.

Many awards followed, such as The Huxley Award for the “Inestimable Contribution to the Alleviation of Human Suffering,” Physicians Recognition Award by the American Medical Association, 50–Year Distinguished Life Fellow by the American Psychiatric Association, the Orthomolecular Medicine Hall of Fame, and a nomination for the prestigious Templeton Prize that honors progress in Science and Religion. In 1995, in a ceremony officiated by the H.H. Prince Valdemar of Schaumburg–Lippe at the San Anselmo Theological Seminary, he became a knight of the Sovereign Order of the Hospitaliers of St. John of Jerusalem (founded in 1077) in recognition of his contributions to humanity.

A trademark of Dr. Hawkins’s research is his pioneering, internationally–known and applied “Map of Consciousness ©,” presented in the ever–popular book Power vs. Force (1995), translated into over twenty–five languages. The “Map of Consciousness©” incorporates findings from quantum physics and nonlinear dynamics, thereby confirming the classical “stages” of spiritual evolution found in the world’s sacred literature as actual “attractor fields.”

These spiritual levels had been delineated by saints, sages, and mystics; yet there had never been a scientific framework by which to understand the inner terrain. The “Map of Consciousness©” is clinically sophisticated in its depiction of each level’s emotional tone, view of God, and view of life. For example, “Fear” views God as punitive, whereas “Love” views God as loving.


Rumours are circulating that the The Creator of the youtube channel The Source Incarnate Carlos Gonzalez was assassinated by the FBI in late January 2022 which had hundreds of excellent Dr David Hawkins videos on the channel which was then deleted. We pray that this is not true.

The “Map of Consciousness” illumines heretofore unknown aspects of consciousness. With each progressive rise in the level of consciousness, the “frequency” or “vibration” of energy increases. Thus, higher consciousness radiates a beneficial and healing effect on the world, verifiable in the human muscle response which stays strong in the presence of love and truth. In contrast, non–true or negative energy fields which “calibrate” below the level of integrity induce a weak muscle response. This stunning discovery of the difference between “power” and “force” has influenced numerous fields of human endeavor: business, advertising, education, psychology, medicine, law, and international relations.

Thus we see that the uniqueness of Dr. Hawkin’s work is that an individual of advanced spiritual consciousness also possesses the intellect and clarity to express and communicate the characteristics of these highly­ evolved states of awareness that few have experienced.

Dr. Hawkins’s writings constitute the first modern demarcation of the highest levels of human consciousness (Self­-Realization, the Void, Nothingness vs. Allness, Full Enlightenment) and their differential phenomena. In his books, he explains each level of consciousness (energy field) in language that is free of dogma, and is inspirational to all walks of life.

He established the Pathway of Devotional Nonduality – a direct course to Enlightenment via clarification of core essentials that merely await activation by decision, intention, and dedication of the will. His book, “Discovery of the Presence of God: Devotional Nonduality,” is basically an instruction manual for the serious spiritual devotee, revealing information that is known only by those who have transcended the ego to reach Divine Realization.

He is the author of the best–selling trilogy, “Power vs. Force” (published in 25 languages); “The Eye of the I”; and “I: Reality and Subjectivity”; and ten additional books, including “Truth vs. Falsehood”; “Transcending the Levels of Consciousness: The Stairway to Enlightenment”; “Discovery of the Presence of God: Devotional Nonduality”; “Reality, Spirituality and Modern Man”; “Healing and Recovery”; “Along the Path to Enlightenment”; “Dissolving the Ego, Realizing the Self”; “Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender”; “Success is For You”; and “Book of Slides”. “Map of Consciousness Explained” is to be published in 2020. His books are published in numerous languages and sold worldwide.

Dr. Hawkins’s honors are vast. His background is detailed in Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in the World, and his work has been acclaimed by many world leaders and Nobelists, including Mother Teresa. His life was completely devoted to the upliftment of mankind.

The teachings of Devotional Nonduality emphasize the core truths of the world’s great spiritual traditions: kindness and compassion to everything and everyone (including oneself), humility, forgiveness, reverence for all of life, and surrender to God. It is a direct path to Enlightenment in which each internal progression of love and integrity uplifts the whole of existence: “We change the world not by what we say or do but as a consequence of what we have become,” states Dr. Hawkins.

david hawkins 3.jpg

Graduation Test


Map of Consciousness

hawkins chart1.PNG

Do The Ruling Elites Have Low IQ's

We have been taught to believe that the Global Ruling Elites have descended from Royal Bloodlines and they are an advanced race of peoples in some way, but the reality is that they are not. The inbreeding that these families have involved themselves in for centuries with the Rh negative bloodlines has only really increased there levels of psychopathy as the Covid-19 Operation has shown and not many people are aware that psychopaths have a below average level of IQ. There modus operandi is to recruit people with high IQ's to complete their plans for them as they have the extreme wealth to do so, but these Dark Soul entities are from the lower astral worlds and if there is a mass collective effort by just 1% of the population to increase their consciousness, this will increase the collective overall level of human consciousness which will make the human body less dense (more spirit) and the psychopaths, the intra-species predators will start to die out as the conscious intelligent environment will not support their dense bodies. This is how humanity wins and why the psychopaths are attempting to turn every person into a bio-robot which will in turn reduce their level of consciousness, therefore preventing an increase in collective consciousness whilst also attempting to wipe out millions or even billions of people (bio-frequency activation via cell phone towers ) which will trigger nano-razors which are in the vaccines described by Dr Andreas Novak before his suspicious death which will also effect the overall level that human consciousness can rise to. The Media FEAR virus should also be evident. The Elites are pretty stupid and if you want proof of that, just watch Prince Andrew's interview with the BBC on his sexual exploitation of Virgini Giuffre. Just because they were afforded the best education money can buy, it still doesn't mean that they are clever, cunning yes, but not intelligent. They have made great efforts at dumbing down populations over the last century which has been quite successful in attempts to make them look intelligent, but the human spirit has exponential capabilities of expansion and growth and their Covid Operation to lock us down has backfired as at least one billion people have woken up. Thats how smart that really are...

As a experiment of sorts, take a look at Henry Kissinger and his ilk and try to fathom out if what you are seeing are advanced spiritual beings, or lower astral 4th dimension Dark Souls? In the 1800's Dark Occult knowledge gained from Sir John Dee was used to create pathways from the lower astral worlds for Dark Souls to incarnate into this physical realm, these souls are what have been termed as The Intruders.....or even the parasites.

Your Purpose - Elevated States of Human Consciousness 


1st March 2022:  We all have a purpose of why we decided to incarnate into this Physical Realm of Existence at this precise time of human evolution. Discovering what your purpose is, is all part of your individual journey, but everyone's primary purpose is the raising of their individual consciousness. We have included pages and links throughout this website to people such as Eckhart Tolle who teach simple methods of attaining higher states of consciousness and as any spiritual person is aware of, the state of One's consciousness is of the utmost importance during our daily lives. This is why Cunning Elites used their media apparatus to inflict wave after wave of Covid fear tactics since March 2020 to manipulate human consciousness into lower fear states and as this phase comes to an end after hundreds of millions have been injected with Nano-technology, Russia is now declaring independence for Donetsk and Lugansk (Eastern Ukraine) and they are going to send in Peace Keepers and the media machine which is controlled by only 5 corporations will roll out wave after wave of fear porn, all in their attempts to control human consciousness.



However, the reality is that Russia has been part of the Talmudic Empire since 1917 ever since Khazarian Bankers in Wall Street and the City of London financed the Bolshevik revolution which we should note that Russia was the former Tartarian Empire which attacked and defeated Khazaria which broke up that country and the Khazars then migrated West, teaming up centuries later with the Vatican and the Black Nobility which then penetrated every western government and took control. (NeoCons in the USA). However it looks like mostly occult driven theatrics to manipulate human consciousness but there is also the suggestion that as the Russians, the UK and the USA are squabbling over Eastern Ukraine, this is actually the land mass that was Khazaria and it is either a ruse to force out the peoples that currently occupy the region( 7:50 ) that Stalin had also done in 1930 by killing 12 million (Holodomor) and repopulating with Ethnic Russians (possibly Khazars) and then again in 1940 by removing the Tartars. East Ukraine has already been at war for 8 years and a much larger war maybe required (natural resources) or are the Russian Ashkenazi Oligarchs playing a little game of chess with the Western Ashkenazi Oligarchs for that region, but it appears to be a bit of infighting over ideological differences for that region (The Grand Chessboard) as part of a bigger agenda.

kharia pic.jpg

From 2 mins 40 secs















The Wartime Economy - The Great Reset - Nano-Tech Vaccines - UBI


Recent events as of the 8th March 2022 are showing that the Ukraine Government appears to be offering Universal Basic Income to its citizens which is linked to Vaccination Status. It's therefore rather easy to surmise that if certain continents or even the world itself moves towards an escalation of war (World War 3) which could most likely develop in stages, the agenda is quite clear although Cyber Polygon has not happened as of yet. The global economy is also on the brink of collapse and Russia and China are developing their own financial system (via City of London) and the Banking Cartels agenda is to depopulate, usher in UBI and CBDC's and a WARTIME ECOMONY would be the perfect way to introduce the great reset (as Canada did with the Truckers Blockage) otherwise known as the 4th Industrial Revolution (Agenda 21), You either agree to be injected with Nano-technology and be subjected to Mind Control via Cell Phone Towers and Elon Musk's SpaceX Satellites or you dont get the UBI and starve..........Its the Holodomor and Bolshevism redevised. You'll be happy and own fuck all or you will be joyously ecstatic by working towards taking down the corporate techno-fascist system. GROW YOUR OWN FOOD...Start stockpiling.


They Want to Live Forever

The self-proclaimed elites (the parasite class) have the technology and the scientific developments to be able to live for over 300+ years just with current developments and they know full well that the public would not allow what can be described as a new Caste System under a Scientific Dictatorship to be ushered in so they attempted via Covid-19 to covertly inoculate the entire global population with Nano-Technology to create a Hivemind which can be controlled via AI. (See the award winning documentary Minds of Men by Truthstream Media).  However, the core of the Global Elite Psychopaths is only 300 people and a few thousands minions who expect that they will be given privileges such as increased salaries, prestige and even life enhancement technology for the very loyal if they too go along with the plan, people like Trudeau, Bojo Johnson and high up Secret Society members and people within the Deep-state. Therefore, for the greater good, as Captain Dan Hawkins has stated: " surely, is it not beneficial to humanity that these few hundred billionaires be Targeted because if they are liquidated, (preferably in a blender ;-)), and their wealth is distributed equally amongst the global population, each of the 7.8 billion people on this planet will become multi-millionaires (Collecting evidence of their crimes has proven to be futile) there are over 50 million Ex-Military globally, this task would be best placed upon them to carry out this role for the greater good". Captain Dan is a wise dude and although it makes good sense and humour, all of the team here at are peaceful loving hippies who promote peace and a non-violent approach towards achieving political aims. (We are not radical revolutionaries as MI5 have stated).


As we have alluded to throughout this website, Jews do NOT run the world and although there are many Jewish families that have generationally been involved with the banking system (zee fake Jews) this is down to the fact that a few centuries ago the Catholic Church restricted its ability to be involved with banking nor was it permitted for catholics to be bankers so this responsibility was given to the Jews, which many appear to have been Khazars. This is why we have included the Venetian - Khazar - Ashkenazi timeline sequence of events from history. The families at the highest levels of global society are what Fritz Springmeier published in his book in 1995 Bloodlines of Illuminati.. The below recent video by Chris Hampton published on the 4th March 2022 is one of the best video's to date that we have seen on the Black Nobility.

Giants - Who Really Rules The World

The Black Nobility - The Highest Level of the Pyramid

Eternal Slavery

The Black Nobility and Talmudic Khazarian Fake Jews Empire 1920
(They Had Control of So Much 100 Years Ago)

talmudic elites.PNG

The Black Nobility and Talmudic Empire has been expanding since the rise of the Khazarian Bankers in the early 1800's and their strategy has been simplistic - War, famine, fear, media manipulation ,control of the printing press and the monetary system which keeps most of the planet in scarcity. The above map shows how far they had succeeded by 1920. In our present year of 2022 the BN & Talmudic Khazarian Empire envelops most of our Realm.

The Dystopian Oligarchy by Russell Branded

10th March 2022 - Whilst we try to not post any material by people we ourselves do not trust which is the case with Mr Brand due to his bait and switch theatrics with Ed Milliband where his narratives attempted to manipulate several million people to change their votes, it does appear that he has had some kind of transformation and he is saying all the right things regarding the dystopian oligarchy, (or is this just the Rebranded Brand) and although he can be pretty funny, we would advise to listen with caution and trust the Sausage as far as you can throw him due to past form, as he may just flip the narrative towards certain agendas of 'global governance'.  Have you heard him say anything on Nano-Tech being in the vaccines?

21st March 2022 - After our Team published the above on this site and others, Russell Brand published a video where he details how the Mockingbird Mainstream Media are coming for him. We think zee media is attempting to offset the outing of Russell Branded as a shill to make him look like a genuine Target....(video here 17th March 2022) 

Hugo Talks also published a video showing Brand wants Global Governance...AFTER we published the above. (Check dates).

25th March: Russel Brand shows at 1:12 seconds how Elon Musk is now coming out to back him. How many dodgy shills does Mr Brand need to make him look legit? (video here).

Elon Musk: 12 months ago Moon published a video which detailed the real Elon Musk and it appears that Team Brand is getting desperate to hold on to some credibility. And lets not forget, Elon Musk is the front man to roll out 60,000 Space X satellites with 5G for the 4th Industrial Revolution and the ongoing NWO attempted 'Enslavement of Mankind' via transhumanism and nanotechnology. So why is Mr Brand gloating about Elon Musk supporting him? Is that not sociopathic behaviour? You have to ask the question, does Mr Brand secretly support transhumanism as his multi-million pound fortune and his elite connections will surely qualify him for life enhancement programs for his youtube work in placating his 5.3 million followers towards 'Global Governance'.  (Video here). (Hugo on Elon)

Is Russell Brand the Woke Jesus, or just a Cunt?

Its also noteworthy to mention that back in the day when Russel Brand was the host on Big Brothers Big Mouth in 2004, he was a self confessed sex addict, been a drug addict and a raging narcissistic sociopath and you have to ask the question: Can a leopard change its spots? Russell has since claimed that he has abstained from drink and drugs for 19 years now but there are paparazzi photo's of him buying white powder, (hard to find anymore on the interweb) so it appears that he is not telling the whole truth. It appears to us that once Brand's career was doomed in 2008 after Sachgate, the lifeline he was offered involved the failed attempt to turn him into a film star and then his resurrection into a New Age Guru and a political commentator in which he himself claims that he was inspired by Jesus which is why he had the numbers 33 tattooed on his wrist, but is this really true.

His life as a sex addict and drug addicted narcissist was lived along the the lines of the philosophy of Aleister Crowley and his Sex Cult with the motto of 'Do that thou wilt' which Russell Brand was familiar with and his resurrection as the New Age Woke Jesus we think comes straight from a 'Deviated Freemasonic Lodge' that Russell was inducted into (no, not the illuminati) and the 33 on his wrist is the mark of identification, nothing to do with Jesus at all, but this is just our perspective at this point in time.


Centralised Global Governance Is NOT The Solution

Even though Russell Brand states now and then in his videos that is he against centralised government, he does flip the narrative in his videos in a kinda under the radar manner and he actually calls for 'Global Governance' which Hugo Talks has pointed out in the above video which is what the WEF also promotes. The solution is actually de-centralised governance as shown in the below video. Lets also take into account that Russell Brand earns millions from his daily youtube videos whilst anyone else discussing the same topics gets their accounts deleted. 

The Great Escape from the Great Reset. ...(Links Here). (Corbett Report).




Tibet was a good example of an evolved society based on spiritual principles and practices, compassion, love and tolerance which had exact beliefs on reincarnation and knowledge of the spiritual dimensions and this is why the Talmudic Dark Soul Khazarians and the Black Nobility Families used China (China is now run by just 7 families - see James Corbett video) which they took control of via the East India Trading Company after the second opium wars in 1860 to invade Tibet in 1950 in order to destroy Tibet as they attempted to thwart the spiritual philosophy and practices of those peoples in their attempts to prevent the expansion and elevation of human consciousness past a certain point which if the theory is correct, would lead to the demise of the psychopaths. Lower 4th dimensional Souls i.e. Psychopaths CANNOT exist within elevated consciousness, their bodies physical chemistry cannot tolerate the environment and they die off.

For this reason alone, this is why every person alive today needs to wake up and engage in daily spiritual practices, each and every day in habitual routines ( Rainbow Body) ) and work within their communities to not only get this knowledge out there, but to also establish the Spiritual Centres where people can attend to participate in their practices and away from the effects of 5G Towers. After Tibet was invaded, many people were able to see the bankers agenda and meditation and yoga flourished throughout western society. Now all we need is for people to understand that the easy way to beat the bankers is to make time for daily spiritual practices to raise our own individual levels of consciousness. We only need 1% of the global population to engage in this simple compassionate and tolerant lifestyle with the correct understanding of consciousness as we are spiritual beings having a human experience and this will eventually lead to wiping out the Dark Souls in the long term. The short term plan is to just take them out....LOL . ;-)

Elevated Levels of Consciousness is your Primary Purpose in this lifetime, whether you realise it or not

The era that we are now living is where the psychopaths are attempting to force humanity to converge with machines via vaccines and nanotechnology to be manipulated via 4G - 5G - 6G which is just a sophisticated attempt to control human consciousness. Stay human folks.


There was a video online of Russell Brand up until last week where it showed him legging it from a really pissed off crowd because of his bait and switch tactics in 2015. We have to remember that in 2008 Russell Brand was vilified for Sachgate and his showbiz career should of been over, but it appears that he was thrown a life line to be used as a pawn of the Elites as he then went on to earn millions appearing in Hollywood films although he was as popular as Jimmy Saville, and pretty much all of his films flopped.

In the below Red Ice program Thomas Sheriden explains what Russell Brand truly is: 

" Thomas explains how Russell Brand, the arm chair socialist, is not waking people up. Brand is put on the TV screens to placate the ones already 'awake', and to put you back to sleep in the belief that this is some kind of victory. It isn't - it is showbiz being used as a social engineering tool yet again. We'll talk about Brand's connections, including The New Statesman, started by the Fabian Society, the London School of Economics ".

Above Video from 1981 and this from Jordon Maxwell

The Astral Worlds Part 1


The Khazars Cannot Attain Christ Consciousness

Section not yet done -expected 10th Sept 2022

Rough notes for section:

  • The Khazarian Black Nobility Manifesto has been simple - To Control Human Consciousness i.e. the last 200 years and before that, Tartaria was an advanced society...

  • Khazars - Research is showing that it is possible that the Khazars are a mixed breed possibly between cro-magnon and neanderthals  Elan DNA research)( take a look at Henry Kissinger and his family) and because of the genetic inferiority to Cro-Magnon they are unable to attain Christ Consciousness

  • Did the Khazars kill Jesus (Rabbinical Jews) 1000 years ago because he went after the Bankers (Khazars)  the timeline is incorrect (Fomenko)

  • Khazars were expelled from over 120 countries because of their practices to Baal, Moloch etc (child sacrifice) their Gods are demons because they can not elevate their consciousness, so they worship/align with Dark Forces in the lower astral realms

  • The white race has been targeted i.e. Christian Russia 66 million killed from 1917 by Khazar Converted Jews

  • Childhood vaccine program from the 1980's conducted by 300 Jewish Life Scientists to degenerate white people's ability to elevate their consciousness,( descendants of Atlantis) and to create a dumbing down effect. Also increase profits for their Pharma companies as vaccines create auto-immune diseases

  • White people post 1990 can expect to be diagnosed with Autism (1 in 3 by 2031) (check this fact from Vaxxed the Movie trailer) and this clearly shows a dumbing down which directly effects consciousness and ability to achieve christ consciousness which would elevate human consciousness

  • The battle is consciousness and the Dark Souls are doing their best to prevent a mass collective awakening of christ consciousness

  • Messianic movement in Palestine (German Templers) in the 1800's twarted by Rothschild purchase of Jerusalem in 1829 for the Khazar/Black nobility agenda of the Anti-Christ -

  • WW2 was about Hitler who in Christ's image took on the Jewish Bolsheviks and City of London and Wall Street who were going to invade Germany and Europe and attempt to eliminate the White races. It was a racial war...

  • Hitler was involved in the transfer agreement to repatriate Jews to Palestine to give the Jews (Ashkenazi) a homeland in order to prevent WW2 and the Bolshevik invasion of Europe.????????

  • Prior to Hitler coming into power Zee German Chancellor prior to Hitler devised a new economic system which was a threat to the Khazar Black Nobility Bank of England

  • John Lash video on white genocide.

  • 144,000 are you one of the consciousness bombs

  • Social Media (Zuckergerg Ashkenazi) fragmentation of consciousness which is now well known

  • Food -supermarkets are filled with junk - effects consciousness

  • Chemtrails target 1st World countries (white people)

  • 1.4 Billion Chinese people have been easily controlled, as have over 1 billion Indians, as are the Japanese, Koreans etc, but White People have a different expression of manifesting consciousness, and this is what the Khazars are trying to control via Covid vaccine Nano-technology which enables telecommunications industry to control the vaccinated via cell phone towers. 

  • Add in original War on Consciousness video by Hancock

  • The teachings of Jesus were distorted from the 1700's after the Luciferian takeover as shown in below clip by Rogan

  • Giants: The 0.00000000000001% -

Your Objective is Higher States of Consciousness

I'm not a big David Lizard Icke fan but he does get some things right. Maintaining a high state of consciousness is of paramount importance during the next few phases where we will be bombarded with continuous fear bombs which are meant to disrupt and disturb our states of consciousness. The best advice is dont watch the news media, limit your intake of regional and local "news",  follow the 'Heart Math Program' and the Divine Light meditations, practice Qi Gong, Tai Chi, yoga, do deep breath practice, Eckhart Tolle Space Conscious meditations and do anything that keeps your energy centred in love, beauty, compassion and oneness (higher states of consciousness).

30 years ago we came across the Ra: Law of One material and if this material is close to being correct, the Parasite Class are taking humanity towards a Negative (FEAR) Harvest. That relates to killing off as many people as possible (over 90%) which involves inducing mass psychosis fear (anxiety) and this is what the spiritual aspect of Agenda 30 is actually about, and if this is the case, it is clearly a Satanic Agenda. ( In 2013 one of the projects that Anthony Forwood was investigating on our part was the involvement of the CIA in the Ra material before he disappeared).

Guidance: Watch Arron Abke's RA: Law of One series.

Use Below URL as it appears video is being disabled.

Targeted by Radiation - Dissidents Beware

The Escalation Of Fear Psychosis

Keep a distance from your devices if you are a known dissident as viewing certain websites or videos will get you zapped. They have had this technology since at least 2009. (See Gambits of Deception page).

If video fails to work use the URL below:

Whilst it is true what the above video states, it is also possible to increase laptop and PC EMR from wireless and ethernet connections so our advice would be to remain at least 5 feet away from your devices when using them. (This is from experience by our team).

The Future Hasn't Happened Yet - Remain Positive
Seek Beauty and Harmony 

Peter Crone is known as the Mind Architect and in this video he provides sound advice on remaining focused on the present rather than scaring yourself shitless from within your own imagination about the future which is the aim of the mainstream media. Stay present, live in the moment, don't consume fear porn and do not allow your imagination to run wild concerning the future. This can be very difficult during these turbulent times, but with dedication and focus it can be done. Remaining in control of your State of Consciousness is paramount to spiritual progression.

You Are Supposed To Be Confused ( Hypernormalization)

The Century of the Self

When viewing this documentary, focus on the useful facts, not necessarily on the producer’s conclusions. The producer systematically fails to disclose the elephant in the room: the British-Rothschild Sabbatean Frankist [satanist] Pilgrims Society guiding hand. This is a deception technique: reveal truths, but draw spurious conclusions that direct the reader’s attention away from its true meaning, thus rendering the reader impotent from attacking the true source of the problem being observed.

A Little Bit of History (Section Under Development)

Richard Grove interviews Matt Ehret in an excellent interview.

In Summary (Under development)

The hard truth is that for the vast majority of people, they do not know : (to finish)

  • Where they have come from

  • What they are

  • Who they are

  • Why they are here

If people haven't answered the above points in most instances they will be unaware of the existence of the Satanic Kingdom and the biblical quote:

" For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places "

Notes for section: Astral travel - monroe ins etc....

  • Dark souls incarnating

  • Inbalance from lower 4th of incarnations - Dark rituals

  • Freemasonic influence and rituals - witchcraft etc p- infiltration of freemasonry which was a benevolent brotherhood.

The 10 Commandments of the Ruling Elites


The Era of Forced Convergence

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