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the last kings of shangai

This is where the Globalist Oligarchs

are directing human evolution to:






The Kalika War Party is a planetary strike force comprised of men and women volunteers who self-select into 17 bands. A common aim unites the warriors in the Party: to strike offensively against all variations of the evil and corrupt System that works against life, truth, freedom, beauty, sanity, and the spirit of mutual aid. To this end, Kalika warriors are prepared to neutralize or eliminate the key agents who run the System at the executive levels, as well as their minions and accessories, when necessary. In this way, the KWP intends to bring down the System and prevent its recovery, once and for all.



Fuelled by transpersonal rage and aimed by elucidated anger, warriors in the Party pick their battles wisely and select their targets with extreme care. They are mindful to distinguish suffering that just happens in the course of life—you break your arm in a fall, you lose a beloved animal—from suffering deliberately inflicted for evil, selfish, and destructive purposes. Those who inflict suffering, so often with impunity and no effective opposition, now stand in the sights of the Kalika War Party, marked for elimination. The time for mere exposure of social evil, voicing objections to the perpetrators, demanding them to stop, is over. The moment to strike back and take down the enemies of life is here. Right now.


The KWP does not seek justice: it commands revenge and reparation. It does not merely defend life, it seeks the triumph of life, beauty, innocence, love, pleasure, genius. It does not compromise or bargain with perpetrators who inflict suffering, mayhem, and death. It does not demand rights, it claims responsibility to act on what is right. Above all, it does not forgive. Count on Kalika warriors to be ruthless in eliminating those who orchestrate and implement the agendas of social evil.


The strategies of the Party cover many and diverse areas where psychopaths in positions of power and influence wage war on the human mind, all living species, and the earth itself. Its attack plan (Thunderbird Formation) enables the Party to deploy “special forces” across many fronts at once. In this way, Kalika warriors counter-attack the enemies of life along those very lines of engagement where humanity constantly comes under attack. It returns fire to the exact positions that threaten a sane and humane way of life on this planet. It uses counter-magic against the perpetrator trickery of mind control, systemic fraud, media lies, historical deceit, treason, and trauma-based programming.


Welcome to the Party: This is the moment to begin living the legend of your life so that it counts beyond your life, so that you stand with others as a warrior for truth and freedom in this world.



Can there be a single solution to the diverse and overwhelming problems in the world today? Obviously, there are countless particular solutions specific to each situation, but there is also one over-arching solution that insures the success of all the others: the definition and deployment of a warrior class. How can this be so? It must be so. Here is why:


One solution that can insure all the others is absolutely needed because change for the better in human society cannot be achieved merely from doing good, fostering peace, cooperation, compassion, etc. Far from it. Success in creating a better world depends fundamentally on eliminating those who will not allow true, positive change to happen, who prevent it taking its natural course. Those who ruin or hijack genuine efforts toward a better world have to be exposed, opposed, and defeated, using violence when appropriate. Neither violent opposition nor peaceful dissent alone can resolve humanity’s current crisis. The solution depends on a stable mix of the two, violence balanced with non-violence.


Violence has a bad name, due to those who use it wrongly, selfishly, immorally—indeed, insanely! The sickos and sadists who inflict it on others always insist that violence is not an acceptable response to their depredations! Religions assist hugely in this twisted plea for non-violence, because religions have been constructed by the perpetrators to favor their 3-D System of division, deceit, and domination. The KWP adds to the peaceful solution its proper measure of violence, homeopathically dosed. This strategy may be called contra-violence: the use of intentional, targeted violence against those who rule by force and never concede their power voluntarily. The striking force applied by warriors in the Party is moral, mental, psychological, material, and magical—including the lethal measure of force, death by a killing spell.


A cry for change rings across the world today. But humanity is not free to change. The freedom for change has first to be won by frontal counter-attack on the System and its operatives. The KWP sees the solution for a better life on earth arising through many forms of non-violent activism and dissent, yes, but it holds itself to the unique mission of contra-violence. The application of violent force against those who use violence to harm life and perpetrate social evil is the heroic calling of our time.


In past eras cultures around the world produced a warrior class: the samurai of Japan, Shaolin monks of China, the Eagle and Jaguar cults of the Aztecs, Zulus and lion shamans of Africa, the Maori of Down Under, the war parties of many Native American tribes, the ancient Kshatriya of Vedic times and later the Sikhs of India, the Spartans of ancient Greece, the berserkers of Germania. Finally, there were the Arthurian Knights in Europe. Remnants of some of these traditions survive to this day.


The KWP emerges as a resurgence and remolding of the Eurocentric Arthurian tradition, deployed now on a planetary scale. Why and how it is the Arthurian warrior ideal that now returns, shapeshifted into the KWP, becomes clear as the warriors assemble, recognize each other, and undertake their missions.



The KWP recognizes that evil is a social construction that arises due to human error, envy, and deceit. Evil is not a cosmic force but purely a local human affair. Overcoming evil in the social order is the responsibility of those who dare to act on conscience, not expecting others to do it for them. Failure of conscience puts society on the course to corruption and self-destruction. This existential view of responsibility held by one person at a time is integral to the principles and operations of the Party.


Act as if all humanity had its eyes upon you, and were guiding itself by what you do.


Jean-Paul Sartre

Nevertheless, Kalika warriors also recognize a supernatural and extra-human factor at play in the world-wide battle now underway. Somehow, an alien force intrudes upon the human mind and intervenes in human affairs, taking advantage of the evil done by humans and worsening it beyond the scale of correction. This intrusion comes from the Archontic factor described in Gnostic writings found in 1945 in Egypt. Kalika warriors heed the unparalleled insights of the Gnostics, intellectual shamans of the Pagan Mysteries, and doing so, they do not require other or different explanations for the alien problem.


No Satan, no Lucifer. These entities are psychotic fictions of religious brainwashing. The source of evil on earth is purely human, but the evil humans do offers a portal for off-planet predators, Archons. Humans create their own demons so well they really don’t need interference from other worlds, but due to a cosmic anomaly, Archons are real enough. The battle for the human mind rages against both Archons and fictive, self-generated demons such as Lucifer and Satan. Seeing the difference is critical to Kalika strategies.


In the smoke-and-mirrors confusion of the battle today, many people have come to believe that the enemies of life use magic for their vile purposes. But if such harmful magic actually exists—Cabalistic, Satanic, whatever—where is the countermagic? The KWP acts on special confidence, ready to defeat supernatural enemies, real or imagined, by aligning to the true Supernatural, the Nagual, the Otherworld. Kalika warriors battle the presumed magic of those who perpetrate social evil with a superior countermagic. They call their secret source of power, “the boost of the earth.”


The role of the Supernatural in defeating social evil and eliminating the enemies of life is absolutely central to the mission of the Kalika War Party. The Arthurian legends recount a paramount manifestation of the Supernatural: the Grail. Knights who undertook the mystical quest to attain the Grail were also warriors who protected its Mystery. The theme of mystic warrior defines the visionary path of all members of the Party. Other martial traditions are welcome to join, bringing their savvy and strategies to the battleline.


The KWP protects the Grail and its Company, witnesses to the luminous splendor of the wisdom goddess, Sophia. Kalikas are fearless warriors of many lands and languages, supported and guided by the genuine powers of the Supernatural. Intending love, war, and magic—the threefold Kalika Vow—they lead the human species from problem into solution.



The Wisdom Goddess dreamed humanity out of the cosmic plenitude, the Pleroma, and plunged from the cosmic center, turning herself into the very world where we could become what she imagines. The optimal human future is dreaming Sophia.


Not in His Image (2006), Chapter 10, "The Fallen Goddess Scenario"

As I write these words, in November 2014, the fight to rescue humanity from predation by its own kind reaches a critical stage. As the crisis deepens, more and more people are convinced that the outcome of the battle underway depends largely on the battle for the narrative. Humans are story-telling animals. Meaning, motive, purpose, direction, commitment—these and other moral factors crucial to human existence depend on a plot, a story-line, to be defined and maintained. In the mind of the human animal, the power of the narrative is supreme and all-inclusive.


Sure, but which narrative would that be, exactly? With this question, a truth most terrible comes to light: any narrative, true or false, can drive humans to extreme behavior in contradiction to facts, and running against their own safety and sanity. The insane narrative drives people insane. An analysis of history along Gnostic lines reveals the mounting influence of an insane narrative in history over the last 4000 years: the messianic master race scenario. Warriors in the KWP focus steadily on the origin of this scenario, and follow its extrapolation forward into the events of today. Social evil would be impossible without the plot-line that makes it coherent, legitimates it, and gives it enduring strength. Defeating the insane narrative of salvationism and its parallel plot, theocracy, is the first victory on the way to restoring sanity to the human fold.


For any lie to prevail, the option of knowing the truth that can stand against it must be suppressed. Again, the Gnostic overview of history reveals an alarming fact: Of all narratives that purport to explain the origin and purpose of life on earth, one stands alone as the target of unparalleled and unrelenting suppression, destruction, and denial, extending over many centuries. More violence and deceit have gone toward keeping this scenario from humanity than applies to any other belief-system or doctrine, religious or scientific. Regardless of what one knows or does not know about this suppressed narrative, the massive effort that has been exerted to destroy it is a very great fact that everyone in the world ought to know.


The Sophianic vision story of the Pagan Mysteries is the truth about human origins and purpose that can stand against any insane narrative and dispel the lies accessory to it. Only the story of the living earth makes sense of life on earth. Until now, this story has been excluded by assuming the material planet to be inert, merely a stage for human activity, rather than the interactive field where human potential can emerge and thrive, unfolding to the genius level. With the restoration of the sacred myth of the Wisdom Goddess, the human species can at last attain its true destiny: to enjoy a power-sharing pact with the power of the earth itself. The telestic shamanism of the Mysteries is the single reliable path toward that destiny. Those who enter the Kalika War Party combine the roles of warrior and shaman. This is the invincible match now to be demonstrated by the bands of the shock goddess, Kali.


The biography of the planetary animal mother is a narrative unlike any other, truly the story to guide the species. Kalika warriors love and revere this story and fight for the freedom to teach it. In this way they know that the battle for the narrative can be won, and will be won, one individual at a time: by dreaming your life in synergy with Sophia’s dreaming of you. Enact that double dreaming in the social world, focused clearly on your mission and placement in the bands of the Party, and you create the solution on the planetary scale.


The sacred narrative teaches that Sophia’s dreaming is fractal: human life is designed so that the divine experiment on this planet can turn on one life at a time. On the planetary scale, you cannot have merely a part of the solution. The truth about the terrestrial experiment is not a jigsaw puzzle, it is a hologram. You cannot have part of the solution of what’s wrong on this planet: you can only have the entire solution and know your part in it.


The narrative of the planetary animal mother is humanity’s sacred birthright. That magnificent myth alone reveals the entire solution, and you find your part in it by where you take a stand in the ranks and bands of the Kalika War Party.


The ultimate act of war is amor fati: to love the fate you realize when you take that stand.


Amor fati is the motto of the Kalika War Party.


You look up when you desire to be exalted. And I look down, because I am exalted. Who among you can at the same time laugh and be exalted? Who climbs upon the highest mountains laughs at all tragedies, real or imaginary.


Untroubled, scornful, outrageous—that is how wisdom wants us to be: she is a woman who never loves anyone but a warrior.


Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra (1885), Part I, Chapter 7, "On Reading and Writing"

Kalika War Party - Manifesto

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