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Gaslighting by Deep Fakes 

by Colin Mac

Ok, so your watching your favourite political dissident on youtube or bitchute when they suddenly say something that you have done that day or that you are going to do, for example:

  • you get up at 6am, you brush your teeth but accidently poke yourself in the eye with the toothbrush and then fall over the weighing scales and land inside the bath.

  • You went shopping for groceries and you forgot to get cotton buds to clean your ears and they say the same thing

  • Your thinking about buying a new computer chair

  • etc etc etc

Gaslighting Using Deep Fake Technology

What I have experienced over the last 18 months has been quite bizarre and surreal and it has only been recently that I have discovered the extent to which government agencies will go to in order to gaslight and manipulate you. I have been a political activist for over 20 years and I know quite a lot about the methods and tactics of harassment and psyops and even the many ways in which the local Gestapo have tried to murder me, but I never thought I would ever experience Deep Fake Technology being used on me.

Around 18 months ago I noticed that the people I go to via video streaming for geo-political commentary which I can count on one hand started to have very similar or even exact experiences that I was having and even mentioning things such as stuff I'd forgotten to buy at the grocery store, life experiences I was having, thoughts I'd had and all sorts which began to 'trigger me' as what they were saying in their videos was so coincidental to me, that it reminded me of gaslighting techniques that had been used on me for decades by the Stasi and their accomplices (police informants). My first thought was ' Have these people been recruited by the Gestapo' because at the time I was co-ordinating important projects of political significance and people can obviously be bought and paid for but the people I was listening to were not people that could be bought, so it bewildered me for well over a year of how many co-incidences that happened to me, which also happened to them which was reiterated in their videos, that at one point, I stopped watching their video's because I was being triggered so much and I was starting to get tension headaches. 

" Just because you are paranoid. it doesn't mean that they are not out to get you " 


Looking back, when it first started to happen, after a few months I would automatically go into a 'Defence Mode' and my scalp would tighten up because I knew that my favourite youtube and bitchute people who I had followed for years would say something that was relevant to me and it was so apparently obvious that it was gaslighting, but I could never work out how it was being done.

I then remembered that we had added the Raytheon RIOT Program details on this website back in 2014 so I re-watched it and meditated on the situation and within an hour I was able to gain insights on how it was being done. The RIOT software can analyse all of your socail media usage including PC and devices (GPS analytics etc) and I realised it was easy for the Stasi Unit to know who I listened to online and whom I respected which was really only 5 people, so whenever one of these people dropped a new video, the Stasi would watch it and using information gleaned from psychics (and other) using remote viewing, they could glean details such as that' I'd forgot to buy ear cotton buds" and then they could choose which part of the video they could insert a voice over using Deep Fake Technology to say "I've forgotten to buy ear cotton buds" which would come from the person in the video.

At first I thought, how could they insert a specific clip lasting 1-3 seconds that they had added to the video using Deep Fake Tech that I was going to watch either on bitchute or on youtube when I clicked on it to GASLIGHT me until I remembered what Edward Snowden had said in 2014 in which he described how he was able to watch 2 people in real time on Messenger sending messages to each other and he was able to intercept the messages and change them (Man in the Middle Attacks) to conduct psyops. Technology has significantly moved on since 2014 (with developments such as 'real-time video editing technology') and a few weeks after realising this, something amazing happened. (Watch video below Deep Fake Technology is very sophisticated).

I was watching a 1 hour bitchute video that my well known political commentator had released 2 days prior and 10 mins into it, they mentioned " dont forget the showergel" after making suggestions for prepping in case Cyber Polygon happened, which I'd forgotten to buy the day before. I thought, here we go again, another coincidence which made me slightly cock-eyed for a few seconds (the entire video also included about 10 other co-incidences and some manipulation and gaslighting) but the very next day a youtube channel which copies segments from this well known commentator reproduced the same video footage where dont forget the showergel had been mentioned in a short 6 minute segment but there was no mention of 'dont forget the showegel'.

At long last I had finally realised how I was being manipulated and gaslighted by my favourite commentator using Deep Fake Technology

The Stasi would seek out the Intelligence they needed from remote viewing me and other methods, then they would use that Intel, things that happened in my daily life etc to gaslight me (in the same manner in which they would use the same information to pass onto police informants etc if I was going to come into contact with them etc) then they would check who had dropped a video which I usually watched a couple of days later which would give them time to watch the videos I would watch in order to see which parts of the videos they could insert the gaslighting sentences that they created using Deep Fake Tech such as: 'I'd forgotten the showergel'.

So effectively, I was being gaslighted and manipulated by my favourite bitchute and youtube people for over a year with their own voice and face and only me was hearing and seeing it. When the penny finally dropped, I stood up, threw up my right arm, shouted Sieg Heil and applauded their deviant nature. It was brilliant. That they could use this technology to target individual people amazed me, and the fact that it was being used on me only reinvigorated the belief in myself that I am making a huge difference to the world and I'm kicking there psychopathic deviant arses left right and centre and they are having to resort to all manner of technology in order to gaslight and manipulate me. Not bad for a school drop out with no qualifications who never wanted to do anything political as I regard myself as a reactionary activist due to the Stasi harassment I receive as I am a former whistleblower.

                                    Solutions to Discovering If Your Being Deep Faked

If you are experiencing a lot of co-incidences from people you follow in online videos, and it has a feel of gaslighting and manipulation, have a notepad to hand and write down the time in which you hear co-incidences etc in each video and the words. After a week or so, go back to the original video on another device preferably your phone or someone else's in another location and check the time segments and see what has been said and you'll know if a Deep Fake voice over had been inserted. Obviously if what you heard the first time is not there on the original....... you been punked by the Deep Fake Brigade who are most likely 77th Brigade of the British Army, the new breed of fascists although Corporate Intelligence organisations are being used more and more to create Plausible Deniability for Government Agencies although in my view the Deep Faking I experienced was most likely done at the local level.


Good Practice: You can either download the video your are about to watch or use screen capture video recording because evidence collection is important and whoever is Deep Faking you wouldn't want you to have evidence of it. It could be a little time consuming but eventually it will become necessary for all activists to do this as this technology is becoming so advanced they will be able to just change facial expressions in attempts to distort the "message" that you are watching for possible manipulation without altering the words, but exposing this hideous Deep Fake method of PsyOp Warfare is very important because I got manipulated and gaslighted by this technology for at least 18 months, and it works. I became less political, didn't get involved so much because my favourite inspirational people were saying things that was manipulating me in wrong directions and gaslighting me which eventually caused tension headaches which at times were debilitating. For the Stasi, it is brilliant because they can insert themselves into your life via your devices without having to recruit any informants in order to inflict an extreme amount of Psychological Warfare as part of their strategy of Zersetzung - Psychological Decomposition of the Target. (Psychologically paralyzing activists). ( The Stasi's most despicable torture Daily Mail article 8th June 2021).


The Stasi obviously dont change the main video that your favourite commentator has published on their channel so everyone would see and hear it, the alterations are tailored specifically for the Targeted Individual with the Deep Fake software, only the one you click on to watch so when you go back to check the original video it will not have the the Deep Fake overlay. I only discovered I was being Deep Faked by someone else uploading a small segment of the same video I had watched which did NOT have the Deep Fake overlay insertions that I had watched, and oh boy, what a day that was and if you lived in my street, you would have seen me goose-stepping down the road wearing a wig, I was that goddam excited.

There is also the possibility that the Stasi can change the DNS for videos if they want to misdirect an entire audience using Deep Fakes so people need to keep on their guard to expose this and the potential for misuse is enormous. Some countries do have the Malicious Deep Fake Technology Act but trying to build evidence of who is doing this to you would require a level of expertise that I dont yet know how to go about doing, but exposing the method, thats easy.

Be careful who your listening to folks, gaslighting has gone up a notch. 

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The Deep Fake Technology Is Very Sophisticated

IIA - Patrick Bergy


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and Reality Is Disappearing (28th Feb 2022)

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