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Page Created: 31st July 2022

Gregory Garrett

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There comes a time in everyone's life after they have spent years, even decades studying every subject under the sun that they come to believe that they have educated themselves to a appropriate level of depth and that they can relax as they need not to spend any more time attempting to work out the mysteries of the reality that we find ourselves immersed in, but they then come across a remarkable and talented author like Gregory Garret who over the last few years has been knocking out books faster than Mike Tyson was knocking out opponents back in the day....and there all jaw dropping books. ( Amazon has blocked Gregory from publishing his books on their platform).

I first came across Gregory when someone recommended one of his books just after the first lockdowns when the scamdemic began in March 2020 and a friend sent me a copy as Gregory always provides his books for free. I read it and I was blown away, so I added it to the Home Page of this website as a free download. 

The more I read of Gregory's books and his Newsletter on Substack the more I realised that the more I learnt, the less I knew and Gregory's books have helped me to understand new perspectives on many subjects and I am personally very grateful for finding Gregory when I did. I highly recommend his books and his body of work and I hope you find the answers you have also been looking for.

~ Andy Lewis



Free Books

Project Pandora

DARPA Uses Fifth Generation Cellular Towers to Control Human Minds by Gregory Garret (Link)

Project Pandora, a covert Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA project) on the possible uses of microwave frequencies for mind control, uses fifth generation cellular tower generated electromagnetic frequencies to control human minds. DARPA, originally known as the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), is an agency created on February 7, 1958, by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in response to the Soviet launching of Sputnik 1 in 1957. By collaborating with academia, industry, and government partners, DARPA formulates and executes top secret research and development projects to expand the frontiers of technology, surveillance, mind control, military aggression, Transhumanism, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, and genetic engineering, often far beyond immediate U.S. military requirements.

Mind control research advocates have found references to secret weapons in government programs such as "Project Pandora," a DARPA research effort into biological and behavioral effects of microwave radiation commissioned after the Moscow Signal incident, when the U.S. embassy in Moscow was bombarded with microwaves by the Soviets beginning in 1953. Project Pandora studied the effects of occupational radiation exposure, and the project's scientific review committee concluded that microwave radiation could be used for mind control.

In 1987, a U.S. National Academy of Sciences report commissioned by the Army Research Institute noted Psychotronics, eventually resulted in findings that show that electromagnetic radiation can be used to induce hallucinations, delusional disorders, mental trauma, emotional decoherence, and psychosis as a means of “psychic warfare”.

The report cited alleged psychotronic weapons such as a "hyperspatial nuclear howitzer" and beliefs that Russian psychotronic weapons were responsible for Legionnaire's disease and the sinking of the USS Thresher among  other claims.

Moreover the application of certain superconducting metals, such as Graphene Oxide, when injected into the human bloodstream, can assist in hyper-accelerating the intensity, duration, and strength that electromagnetic radiation has upon the human mind. In addition, the ubiquitous vaccines include a component inside them, which enables you to link directly to the Internet of Bodies without your phone or home computer. These technologies will be offered to the masses with the marketing story of enabling you to be “Unhackable”, since YOU are now the computer. Ostensibly, this vaccine component is already in the virus vaccines, and is known as Graphene Oxide, but addition nano technology may be added, as well.

In short, because the vaccines and boosters contain Graphene Oxide, which is a very well-known superconductor, it will assist in bringing the human organism “online”. Also, researchers have created a new graphene device that will unleash new and elusive frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum. According to a report, the device will give scientists access to terahertz wavelengths, which makes total mind control possible.

Graphene and The Physics of Terahertz Waves

More familiar to most are microwaves and infrared—both wavelengths of light that fall below the visual spectrum. Likewise, below our basic sense perception, terahertz waves (THz) exist between them, and are low-energy, which makes it difficult for scientists to harness their energy and repurpose it for technology. This problem is called the "terahertz gap." In the past, closing the terahertz gap was impossible because, with a range between 30mm and 30µm, THz-wave (T-ray) signals were too weak for practical use. This new capability to detect and amplify T-rays will usher in a New Luciferian Age of remote based mind control, as well as amplifying both surveillance and military weaponry. 

Technically, as a new kind of optical transistor, physicists behind the THz amplifier use graphene and a high-temperature superconductor to create the new device. The properties of graphene, transparent, insensitive to light, and with zero-mass electrons, when conjoined to other superconducting nano technologies, result in massless electrons trapped between nano layers, allowing nano scale, high powered devices to be adjoined to every street lamp, totally unnoticed by the average bystander.

The Pandora Project Movie: Hiding The Truth in Plain Sight

The Pandora Project is an action film released in 1998. The film stars Daniel Baldwin, Erika Eleniak, Tony Todd and Bo Jackson. In the movie, Pandora: a top secret experimental U.S. military peacekeeping device with the capacity to destroy organic matter while leaving inorganic matter unharmed, is explored.

Project Pandora


All of Gregory's books can be obtained for free by following this link:

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