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Electronic Harassment Counter Measures - Housing

Recommendations for UK Citizens - Housing


Our research has shown that with the majority of the police forces within the UK any person that submits a complaint of electronic harassment to the police will in most instances result in the police taking a statement or notes from the victim, which they will then complete a form suggesting that the person reporting EH has mental health problems.


They will then send the form to the local Community Mental Health Unit (CMHU) and to the victims doctor. The CMHU will then write to the person who has reported electronic harassment and request that they attend an appointment with their GP to discuss why they believe they are being targeted by electronic harassment. If the victim then describes being targeted with EH, (and also provides details on any possible gang stalking that may be occuring) then it is quite possible that the victim could be sectioned under the Mental Health Act 1983 for further psychological evaluations.  


It is recommended that any victim of electronic harassment or gang stalking DOES NOT attend any appointment with a psychiatric team.


Electronic harassment can be very difficult to prove and unless one has access to specialised equipment and personnel with the relevant qualifications to operate the equipment, providing proof that one is being targeted is always going to be very difficult, especially to mental health professionals who will have no training or experience of this type of targeting. Electronic harassment is also not listed as a crime in the UK.





The advice we would provide for any person that is being targeted by electronic harassment is to be prepared to move home on a regular basis. Not ideal, but it is the only option that allows for a target to remain in good physical and psychological health whilst they attempt to remedy the situation. It is recommended that the target adjusts themselves psychologically to the prospect of moving home on a regular basis solely due to the fact that proteting oneself from EH can be so difficult (but not impossible- see books by Mukuzo Vundo in books section).


For any target who is living in council accommodation or local authority housing from our Agency Response Test we recommend firstly attempting to discuss the situation of EH with a housing officer in the strictest of confidence. If the housing officer is sympathetic to the situation they may be able to authorise a move to another property. If not, other means of 'house swaps' with other local authority housing tenants is available. For Targets living in private lettings, the option is short term lets.....


The essential aspect to being targeted with EH is exposing it within your community using leaflets, social media, talking to other neighbours, blogs, websites and other such means described on the 'Counter Measures' page.





Council Housing, Local Authority Housing and Private Lettings

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Evironmental Health department confirm electronic harassment is NOT covered in the Statutory Nuisance legislation

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