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Assassination Nation Video Series

This is an ongoing video series - more to follow in 2022

In 2020 we were asked to put together a video series to pitch to a global streaming service on a series based on assassination programs that are orchestrated by the Global Elites Trans-national Corporations (Blackrock & Vanguard) and their Intelligence Agencies (yes, they all work together) and we spent over 200 hours putting together 6 x 41 minute episodes. In 2021, as we were close to completing the project, our computers were hacked and all of the files were destroyed. We then decided to attempt to replicate the project but with only 15-20 hours of input as we had other projects that we were scheduled to begin. The result is the following series which will be continued in the winter of 2022. 

The Man Who Knew Too Much (October 2021)

Highly recommended book

activists book

by Andy Lewis

The Black Nobility P2 Masonic Lodge EXPOSED: From Covid-19 to Convergence

The Future of Surveillance - Full Spectrum Dominance

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