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These are the four main methods that police units like the UK's privatley funded National Extremism Tactical Coordination Unit (NETCU) use against activist movements and social justice movements under the disguise of extremism to break down and destroy such movements. Its what the FBI termed as Counter Intelligence Programs used as a method to infiltrate and destroy campaign movements.



We each experienced all of the below methods as an organisation, as a campaign movement and as individuals. We also each experienced ongoing covert and overt warfare when we were campaigning, which in some cases is still an ongoing operation to destroy the individuals who are nothing but determined to peacefully seek justice for injured soldiers.


The current Gulf War Veterans movement is heavily infiltrated with members being co-ordinated and orientated towards campaigning in a direction that will achieve no discernable results.



 1. Infiltration:


Agents and informers do not merely spy on political activists. Their main purpose is to discredit and disrupt. Their very presence serves to undermine trust and scare off potential supporters. The police exploit this fear to smear genuine activists as agents.


2. Psychological Warfare From the Outside:


The police units (NETCU) use a myriad of other “dirty tricks” to undermine progressive movements. They plant false media stories and publish bogus leaflets and other publications in the name of targeted groups. They forge correspondence, send anonymous letters, and make anonymous telephone calls. They spread misinformation about meetings and events, set up pseudo movement groups run by government agents, and MANIPULATE or strong-arm parents, employers, landlords, school officials, family members, friends and others to cause trouble for activists.


3. Harassment Through the Legal System:


The police units (NETCU) abuse the legal system to harass dissidents and make them appear to be criminals. Officers of the law give perjured testimony and present fabricated evidence as a pretext for false arrests and wrongful imprisonment. They discriminatorily enforce tax laws and other government regulations and used conspicuous surveillance, “investigative” interviews, and arrest warrents in an effort to intimidate activists and silence their supporters.


4.Extralegal Force and Violence:


The Police Units (NETCU) (NDEU) (WETCU) conspire with local police departments to threaten activists; to conduct illegal break-ins in order to search activists homes; and to commit vandalism, assaults, beatings and assassinations.The object is to frighten, intimidate and in some cases eliminate activists and disrupt their movements.



There are a vast range of articles and documents that could be posted in this section. However, this following film covers most methods that goverments have used against activists, activst movements and citizens from the 1950's onwards.Even though the documentary is based on the FBI's methods, they are also used by the UK's Security Services as well as most other countries. It would be beneficial to the reader to fully comprehend this section if they viewed the documentary.




The Four Main Methods of the UK's Security Services and Secret Police Units (2012)





The Art of Disinformation Warfare

The definition of disinformation is:


Deliberately misleading information announced publicly or leaked by a government or especially by an intelligence agency in order to influence public opinion or the government in another nation,


Information that is intended to decieve.


The following tactics show how government counter intelligence agents operate on social media websites such as Facebook and internet forums that the authors and developers of the website experienced and observed over a 6 month period in several internet groups. In 2011 our Cyber Militia Unit (CMU) used similar software that government agencies use to create thousands of fake social media profiles which were used to infiltrate social media groups to monitor the government agencies and the tactics they used.


We observed that these tactics have been repeatedly been used by disinformation agents/operatives in social media groups that we monitored such as  facebook which intend to organise protests/campaigns etc. The tactics are a common blue print that government agents use in all campaigns that they have been assigned to, usually because whatever the campaigns objectives are, they may in some way be damaging to the establishment, corporations and industries.




Psychological operations, the label is quite self explanatory, these are the techniques they employ to psychologically attack their victim, and to also confuse other genuine group members. We will list various techniques that we have experienced and observed.


Character Assassination


The disinformation agents identify who is potentially the biggest threat, they then set about getting that person removed from the campaign. They have various means of doing this, and most entail discrediting that person in one way or another. Whispering is their most common method, i.e., private messaging other members of the group, and telling lies about their victim. They then pick off the members of the group one at a time, until the only players left in the game are the other government shills.


When they have pinpointed who they deem to be the biggest threat to their agenda, they set about the most despicable character assassination. If you comment on forums, they will twist things you say, and they will at all times be working towards having other group members think they are good and moral, and you are bad and immoral. They will take totally innocuous things which you have said, and try and twist them so as you appear hypocritical, a liar, insensitive etc….. They will stoop as low as is required to achieve their objective.


Always be aware that this is a full time paid job for these Veterans, so don’t be surprised at the vast amount of time they use setting these stings up.





The whispering can be telling other campaigners that their chosen victim has been either ridiculing them, or doing/saying something that could be damaging to the campaign. To ensure that the person they are messaging does not go straight to you and report the correspondence, they may suggest that you are a dangerous or very vindictive person, and that they are afraid of you. From first hand experience, it is very difficult to defend yourself from the unknown, people just distance themselves from you, and you are in the dark, and have no clue why.


Always be aware that this is a full time paid job for these Veterans, so don’t be surprised at the vast amount of time they use setting these stings up.



Rows Rows Rows!


The agents also instigate rows within the group, two or more agents will be in charge of the two warring factions, innocent members of the group take sides, and get drawn into their manufactured saga. They will attack the people they see as their biggest threat. They will malign and discredit them in the most despicable manner. They will instigate the fighting, and at all times will be planting seeds all over the place to start rows. The most effective way to damage a campaign is to have continuous in fighting. In the manufacture of these rows, they will either just straight out lie about you, or take things you have said, and report them totally out of context.


The whole thing ends in chaos, “divide and conquer”, the oldest trick in the book!


The constant rows often mean that genuine campaigners leave, either after being attacked, or because the constant fighting is wearing them out. Then the whole campaign either falls apart, or the agents order becomes the order of the group. If they are in control of the group, they will steer the group in a direction which will hinder not enhance the overall campaign.


Always be aware that this is a full time paid job for these Veterans, so don’t be surprised at the vast amount of time they use setting these stings up.



Dummy Friend


One or several of the agents will make attempts at befriending campaigners who will confide their secrets, and a bonding process will ensue, this is one of their most deadly weapons. It is designed so that you will then confide things to them, and they can then form a “psychological profile chart” on you, then it can be used against you,  as they will know your weak spots. Your new “Dummy Friend”, will try at all costs to establish a bond with you and gain your trust. They will gently try and influence your opinions, often telling you lies, and trying to distance you from other genuine campaigners.


Always be aware that this is a full time paid job for these Veterans, so don’t be surprised at the vast amount of time they use setting these stings up.



Time Wasting


The goverment agents will at all times be devising ways to waste campaigners time by suggesting ineffective campaigning and protest activities for the group to undertake, or by influencing the decisions of individuals that achieve no discernable results.


 Always be aware that this is a full time paid job for these Veterans, so don’t be surprised at the vast amount of time they use setting these stings up.





While the agents are at all times working towards discrediting the campaigners they have targeted, they will also be victimising them, and they will make attempts to make others think it is in fact the other way round. There are many ways they can do this. An agent will make comments suggesting that the targeted campaigner was being a hypocrite, and that the campaigner had posted something which was not factual. The agent will plant seends to have other group members think they were a dishonest person. Normally when the agents start this they will have maybe two or three other agents come in to the discussion and back up what they are saying to influence other group members into thinking this way and believing it is true.




THIS IS THEIR GREATEST FEAR........and when exposed they will join forces and attack like the nest of vipers that they are. When there has been complete exposure of not only their tactics, but also their identities,  it means that they have to create new identities and go through the entire process again of gaining trust and influence in the group, they have done this in the past, but they prefer to avoid this, and retain the positions of influence they already hold.


They will go to great lengths to have people think that they are the victims, and the person doing the exposing is in fact the infiltrator. They will point out the great amount of time that they have devoted to the campaign, which is often more than the genuine campaigners, as they are full time employees so to speak, and getting paid for all they do! On the face of it they may appear to have been great supporters, but when you scratch the surface just a little and examine what they have been doing in the shadows,  a very different picture emerges of their actual contribution.


Make no mistake, these agents  are often masters at what they do, they have been trained in mind manipulation, and know every trick in the book. They know how to influence group actions and behaviour.


Their ultimate goal is to take control of the group and to influence it towards ineffective protesting and campaigning. They aim to get rid of genuine campaigners by using the tactics described as when the genuine supporters/campaigners are faced with this level of Machiavellian tactics they generally give up and leave the campaign. Others continue to support, but from the side lines, and do not get involved in the group activities.


















In Summary


This section has highlighted the tactics used by government agents to destroy legimate forms of protest being orchestrated on facebook and other social media and internet forums by ex-servicemen and other groups of  which  we have observed over a 6 month period. Our aim is to inform and educate all those involved in campaigning, which is more and more being orchestrated through platforms such as social media websites,  who are largely unaware of the tactics being deployed against them, by agents to take control of the groups and members of how their campaigns and protests are directed towards ineffective strategies being co-ordinated by this unsrupulous group of agents and operatives.


Being aware of the tactics that the agents use will only empower those who wish to campaign in an effective and legimate manner and awareness of these tactics will save a great deal of time.

Documentary on the tactics used to infiltrate and destroy campaign movements:

Video Clips on disinformation:



In 1998, extrajudicial executions were carried out in 47 countries, 'disappearances' occurred in 37 countries, torture occurred in 125 countries, prisoners of conscience were held in 78 countries, unfair trials for political prisoners occurred in 35 countries, detentions without charge or trial occurred in 66 countries, executions were carried out in 36 countries, and human rights abuses were committed by armed opposition groups in 37 countries.

The following radio interview by former MI5 agents Kevin Fulton and Martin Ingram explain how the security services MI5 infiltrate organisations. They go on to explain how MI5 agents were behind the bombings in London docklands, Manchester, Omaha and many others. This video clip keeps mysteriously being removed from this section??

Confessions of an under police officer inside Scotland Yards demostration unit.


Undercover police officers seem to be immune from prosecution:


Undercover investigation:


Undercover officer calls for public enquiry into undercover operations:


Documentary: Confessions of an Undercover Police Officer



Confessions of a Disinformation Agent:

UN official calls on British government to investigate undercover police scandal

Secretive Police Unit NETCU and the Security Services MI5 involved in Blacklisting.

Documentary on Channel 4 24 June 2013

The Police's Dirty Secrets

Methods of Infiltration

Internet Tactics

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