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the last kings of shangai

This is where the Globalist Oligarchs

are directing human evolution to:


This page will cover aspects of the agenda of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in relation to Soul Tracking Technologies such as Iris Biometrics and the "DARK OCCULTISTS" behind this agenda.


In 2014 in a section of this website we suggested that the details provided by Edward Snowden on a NSA/GCHQ (Five Eyes) program called Operation Optic Nerve which was covertly collecting tens of millions of iris scans from unsuspecting members of the public via mobile phones, PC's and via security at checkpoints such as airports was for a database for Intelligence Agencies to be able to track new born Souls.


It has been known for eons that the "Eyes are the window to the Soul" and scientists have discovered that the iris pattern in this life-time for each individual will be the same in your next life, and for Targeted Individuals, whistleblowers and activists who have had their iris data taken with or without consent will very likely be subjected to harsh conditions in their next life, monitored from birth to ensure they do not become problematic to the "Immortal Elite" the billionaire Dark Occultists of today who are expected to have lifespans of over 300 years just from current advances in technology, genetics and the biological sciences. In India iris biometrics has already been implemented nationally which is a culture that is historically based on reincarnation.


We are all aware of the story of Jesus who within 2 years of being born, the Roman Elites who had invaded and occupied the Holy Land sent in the Special Forces of the day into Bethlehem to search for all the 2 year olds  before killing them all (Massacre of the Innocents) apart from Jesus who had escaped and fled the country with his parents as it had been prophecised that this one Soul (Jesus) who was born under a particular astrological alignment (Star of Bethlehem) would lead a mass rebellion against the Roman Ruling Classes who had invaded and occupied his homeland. The Roman families that ruled over the Roman Empire (if it actually was an empire at all but a concoction of the Vatican historians is still up for debate) and these same Roman families settled in Venice becoming the Venetian Oligarchs who then settled in Holland, (Dutch East India Company) then London (East India Company and Crown Corporation) who now own the majoroty of shares in ALL of the major trans-national corporations globally...(Blackrock).


Tracking incoming Souls is not new methodology, it is very ancient and it is a major subject matter of targeting that we will attempt to shed some light on within this page. If you thought that being targeted in this life was bad, your next life will be far worse if this Tyrannical Digital System isn't exposed for what it is (The Beast System) as it only benefits the Immortal Elites and their plans for a 1000+ year Reich.


Most awakened folk know by now that the Elites of this world have the finacial clout and the advances in various scientific fields to be able to live for hundreds of years. The plan is for a Global Government ruled by a minority of white skinned blue eyed aryans or around 500 billionaires, and the rest of us will be genetically altered in order that we can be elecromagnetically controlled via mobile phone ground based antennas, which is why it is so important that people across the planet take aim and focus on this infrastructure before its too late. (Video).


This video by Truthstream Media is from 2018 and details this plan for the Elites to live forever and become Gods....

The Immortal Elite and the 1000 Year Reich

They Removed These Verses From The Bible by Gregg Braden (BANNED VIDEO)

The Simulation - Virtual Reality - The Matrix


New Page - Iris Biometrics and Soul Tracking - Page Start Date 15th Aug 2021


You Have An Amazing Opportunity by Graham Hancock


The Cathars by John Lorimer

The Dark Occult Agenda Exposed by Mark Passio

This video is a summary of a much longer video by Mark Passio on the Dark Occultists and their agenda for the human race. It is worth watching the entire presentation by Mark on the below yellow link button.


Who Are THEY and the Agenda Exposed by David Icke


The Emotional Mirror by Max Igan



You Have Been Given Everything


Are We Living In a Simulation?



The infrastructure that enables the Globalists to implement their Technocratic Beast System is very vulnerable and it is probably the weakest link in their chain, but if only people from all communities realised this, this psychopathic system could be averted...

The Electromagnetic Matrix - AI, Fixed Ground Antenna, Vaccines, DNA Bio-Frequency Activation


Project PANDORA and the Effects of Electromagnetic MIND CONTROL

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