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the last kings of shangai

This is where the Globalist Oligarchs

are directing human evolution to:





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Andrea Davison - Former Military Intelligence Agent


Andrea Davison is a British born intelligence agent who fled persecution in Britain and now lives in Argentina with her five rescue dogs.

Andrea was involved in scandals spanning the Atlantic, Arms to Iraq, Iran Contra, Lockerbie, terrorism, regime change and the trafficking of children.  She was the intelligence advisor to the Labour members of the parliamentary select committee investigating Super-gun.  She also worked with Tony Blair MP and other well-known Politicians and journalists.

In the UK all ex-special forces and intelligence operatives have to submit a draft of their book by law to UK authorities under the Official Secrets Act 1989.


This book was NOT submitted to UK authorities and has been published under the Freedom of Information Act.


Intelligence Services few know exist, secret agreements running behind world events and an arcane blood-line. Step into mystery with Shoot the Women First for an exhilarating ride to the other side of the looking glass. From the icy cold of Siberia to the burning deserts of Iraq; from the busy streets of London to the wilds of Scotland. Andrea races against time to unearth secrets elite insiders keep veiled by propaganda and hidden via murder and imprisonment. State assassins, suicides to order, set-ups, child abuse, all backed by a relentless road roller of a legal system designed to serve as a mechanism of cover-up for an elite few. The game of intelligence is the greatest game ever played. The protagonists and heroes often disappear their stories lost in the shifting sands of time. Will Andrea solve the puzzle and save herself from assassination or jail? Shoot the Women First is the untold story of a secret global Intelligence Service and a hidden blood-line. Going behind the masks of Governments and State agencies, Shoot the Women First goes to the heart of a global deception perpetrated upon us all.

Article by Andrea Davison written


Copyright © 2018



Behind the Mask


Reflect for a moment on the fact that this system has been controlling humanity for more than 6000 years and we are JUST NOW figuring it out as a species. Let that sink in. Imagine the lengths these people have gone to over the years, over the millennia to keep it running in secret.    

~Sarah Ashcroft- escaped member.



So your life is blighted by strange people, vehicles and even helicopters who are targeting you for a reason you just cannot fathom, for a purpose even more mysterious. This article explores reasons for targeting with emphasis on genetic memories, ESP and psychic abilities.  Those of you who are of Celtic heritage and those who have Rhesus Negative blood (1) may find the rational particularly pertinent.  Those of you who have been subjected to pre-emptive psychological profiling in schools for potential future left wing leaders and effective activists will find answers.


Last week newspapers in the United Kingdom declared that the British Prime Minister Theresa May had been forced to admit a secret directive allowing security and intelligence agents to commit crimes.  But what crimes, does it include targeting and persecuting British citizens.  Does it allow GCHQ algorithms to monitor mass data-collection for left wing personality bias, and others? You can bet it does.





1.  RH Negative Traits. A feeling of not belonging, Truth seekers, Sense of a "Mission" in life, Empathy & Compassion for Mankind, An extra rib or vertebra. Higher than average IQ, ESP Ability, Love of Space & Science, More sensitive vision & other senses. Increased of psychic/intuitive abilities, Cannot be cloned, Lower body temperature, Higher blood pressure (some say lower), Red or reddish tint to hair color, Increased sensitivity to heat & sunlight, Unexplained Scares, Piercing Eyes, Tend to be Healers, Empathetic Illnesses, Ability to disrupt electrical devices, Experience unexplained phenomenon, Physic Dreams and/or Ability.


The purpose of the UK Security Service is to control the internal population and protect the elite and their business interests. The purpose is not as is widely believed to protect UK citizens and UK interests. For MI5 there is no-one more dangerous than a whistleblower or activist.  The System, which includes the criminal justice system, is cynically abused to protect the elite and persecute those the elite fear.  ~ Andrea Davison



This same policy exists in the United States.  Citizens of these advanced Western nations are victims of politicians and state agencies themselves in the control of satanic bankers and mobsters, who cling to power using surveillance, mind control and manipulation techniques.


When I worked in Intelligence, targets were other agents and people involved in extremely serious criminal activities, but other group’s targeted whistle-blowers, campaigners and activists.  Targeted individuals often died in mysterious circumstances:  

Dr. David Kelly the weapons Inspector in Iraq was suicided. James Rusghbridger an intelligence insider who had written many revealing books, at the time of his death he was writing a book about the Royal Family and sexual deviancy. My friend Gareth Williams MI6 was found dead, jammed into a holdall in a Safe house in London.  

Before their deaths they all experienced being followed and harassed.  Their telephone calls were intercepted, their computers taken over, and their homes searched.  Terrible as these deaths are most people can understand why these individuals were targeted and murdered by the State.  Their murders have the veneer of logic.  


But why are you being targeted by a system designed primarily to target active players in the game of intelligence.  The 'game plan' is entirely different.


In my book ‘Shoot the Women First’ I describe some of the targeting processes as:


Psyops: a targeting process where the target is placed in a complex maze of psychological warfare creating a constant negative environment.  The victim cannot escape and has nowhere to turn, with Police, Courts, military, medical facilities all subverted to serve them.  The State can use plausible deniability, with outside contractors composed of ex-intelligence, security and police personnel to terrorize their victims, although primarily the psyops targeting system is orchestrated by the Police State in Western nations.  



The target is subjected to deep capture harassment, which can include:


Telephone taps with or without remote activation

Surveillance overt and covert by humans, electronic and satellite

    Organised stalking


Threats to themselves, their families, friends and pets,

Financial deprivation and or ruin,


Electronic interference,

Poisoning often with experimental drugs,

Arrests, persecution,

Thefts of small things,

Discrediting process slander and rumor campaigns,

Cyber Stalking,

Incarceration in mental hospitals,

Scare tactics and occult targeting,


Chipping, (2)




If you are a target of the secret State some or all of the above will resonate with you.








"The old beliefs will be brought back to honor again.

The whole secret knowledge of nature, of the divine, the demonic.

We will wash off the Christian veneer and bring out a religion peculiar to our race."

~Adolf Hitler





The world of intelligence and the world of the occult both deal in hidden matters and secrets kept from the masses.  The twisted web of connections between the occult, politics, business, religion, propaganda and the realm of espionage has been evident from the dawn of civilization. The freemasons, the illuminati and illuminati type groups like the Golden Dawn and Aleister Crowley’s OTO have their basis in Ancient Egypt, a time when Priests and Priest kings formed the first hierarchy after Atlantis fell.  The structure for secret organizations is taken from man’s earliest history  and has been evident throughout the ages.  


In recent history John Dee formed MI5 to serve Elizabeth the First (1556-1603) and MI5 and its sister organization MI6 have been her majesties secret services ever since.  MI5 the five pointed star pentagram is an important occult symbol. MI6 the Six pointed star or hexagram appropriated more recently by the State of Israel is a deeply dark occult symbol (3). Aleister Crowley the infamous black magician worked for MI6 during World War One and MI5 during the World War Two.  


The current royals have no connection with the ancient past or the lineage of priest kings. However, the British Queen tries to maintain the fiction she does by being appointed head of the Church of England. It’s all sleight of hand.  Robber barons stole land from the people, then employed minor war lords to protect them and became kings. They married into the ancient bloodlines in an effort to capture some credibility and misappropriate the genetic memories.  These robber barons and satanic occultists now in control of our world have the same bloodline as their prime targets.  


No-longer able to contact the gods or rule by magical powers they maintain power by dealing with the darkest satanic levels.    Satanists require an endless supply of pre-pubescent children to torture, rape and sacrifice(4). They need to create nations without compassion or empathy so that negative currents are drawn onto the earth. Using this avalanche of negative energy they maintain their power and power structure but only while those who have the real occult power sleep, drugged by propaganda, fear and self-interest.


Running behind these satanic robber barons are secret organizations we know of today as the various national intelligence services, the secret intelligence service running behind NATO and various semisecret groups like the Privy Council in the United Kingdom, Skull and Bones and Bohemian Grove in the USA, the Freemasons and the judicial systems. Exclusive clubs and intelligence services officiate for and maintain the power of the robber barons and their governments.    





4.  Ted Gunderson  ex FBI chief talks about Satanist, boys town, kids disappearing, 9 11  



Like the Freemasons all these organizations have many levels and only the individuals at the top know the real agenda. Political conspiracies, deception and dark occultism are mixed together in a deadly union.

The people they enslave work hard to pay the running costs of this world-wide satanic based organization.   In order to maintain the willing service of their slaves they create innumerable organizations which appear to give the people hope they are not slaves.  The hydra which symbolizes the hive mind;  the many headed monster  which now survives in  the Monarchies, Police Forces , Governments, Intelligence and security services and religions.  Schools and Universities, hospitals, banking system, business and legal system.  It stalks us in the International Monitory Fund (IMF), the World Health Organization (WHO), the Vatican, the arms companies, the committees and umbrella organizations, the media empires, the prison and court system, organized crime and terrorist groups.  The Hydra has destroyed equality and compassion where ever it surfaced.   It murders those who threaten it and it jails those who are its victims.  All the while pretending to be a force of law and order but in reality creating criminal tyranny.  It pretends to protect us from all  dangers to our heath whilst poisoning us and then pretends to cure us by giving us more poison. (5)

If you tell populations you are going to destroy their planet home, take away their freedoms, steal their children so you can rape and sacrifice them, and have a plan to exterminate them slowly and painfully via illness and poverty they would revolt. After all the head robber barons can be counted on the fingers of your hands whilst the populations they enslave run into billions.


The media upholds the camouflage of democracy and if this propaganda fails they have armies, Police forces, judges, lawyers and barristers all who take oaths to serve their satanic masters.




5.  Methods of depopulation control.




“Their goal is "to absorb the world's wealth" (in Cecil Rhodes' words) and control its citizens using propaganda, "education" and social engineering”. - See more at:


Propaganda is the control of the minds of populations and without it those who seek to chart a course through the dark waters of the mind for their own selfish purpose would be easily cast adrift and exposed for the evil manipulative beings they are.





It’s A Choice between Love and Fear.


Now for the good news! These satanic rulers do have an Achilles heel, something they cannot control. They fear love, they fear compassion, they fear empathy and they fear you.    


Satanists are not true occult adepts of the magical arts. They are low level witch doctors and daemon worshipers.   The bloodline you spring from provides each one of you with the opportunity to be a true adept of the magical arts.  They want to stop you achieving this potential, which is why you are targeted.  


The dark rulers have leant how to harness the energy, they do this not be defying universal laws but by using them for their own gain.  To maintain their control they had to suck out the will of the populations. They need the people to acquiesce in their own destruction.  Perverted sex, factory farming, criminality, wars, hatred, cruelty and inhumanity assist them to maintain control. .  Every battery egg eaten, every horror or sex driven film watched, every dark desire, fear and hate buys into their system of control.  

The most important law is the’ law of attraction’, that which is like unto itself is attracted.  The power not just of thought but of emotion, perception, belief and desire. It is an immutable universal law.


Take a moment to consider how they use the law of attraction for their own evil purpose against you.




·If you are afraid you will attract fearful things to you.

·If you are terrified,  terror will walk with you

·If you feel trapped then the walls will have ears and the streets be filled with eyes watching you.

·If you feel love, then love will flow to you for everywhere and everyone.

·If you feel gratitude abundance will be yours.

·If you feel powerful you can create worlds


Every negative thought, every fear, helps them draw in the net around you while every positive thought, every feeling of love, every emotion of hope loosens their grip. Once they choose you as a target, from the moment you acknowledge their power over you, you start to  attract more of the same.  It’s can be a herculean task once you have allowed that momentum to build up to stop the roller coaster ride.   But this is a task you were born to succeed at, a task for which you have all the genetic tools.    You can start now to slow down the roller-coaster, eventually stop it and step out of the cart, simply by controlling how you feel and think.

Whilst it may seem they have all the power in fact it is you who has the power.  You can use the persecution you experience as a springboard to find the great river of infinite power within you.  Fire up again the genetic memories which moved in you so vibrantly and alive as a child.



The universe is a holographic illusion which is manifested by your emotions and thoughts.  Without your acquiescence the ropes tying you to the devils stone will snap.   Everything is energy. The world you believe you see does not exist, the thoughts, the feelings are just phantoms of perception. The world is not how you have been trained to believe it is.  Everything is energy. Once you grasp the energy, you are walking with power, your consciousness forges your will and you become the creator of worlds.





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