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the crowhouse


the last kings of shangai

This is where the Globalist Oligarchs

are directing human evolution to:

CoVid-19 Revolution - Enslavement of the Soul

There is one tribe of Jews known as the ashkenazi jews who were part of the rise of the Illuminati who are thought to be descended from Khazaria who are behind CoVid-19 and the communist global coup d'tat of 2020 (but they are not the only ones). These ashkenazi jewish families (are they really Jewish) have been targeting other Jews with genocide programs for over 100 years. During WW2 it is understood that it was the ashkeNAZI jews who orchestrated the holocaust to eliminate jews who were not ashkeNAZI/Khazarian bloodlines. (See below). The Rothschild Banking family are ashkenazi jews as are many of the other very wealthly dynastic banking families and other influential global major players in the media and Big Tech, which is purely by design, but there are also other NON-Jewish families, but are they really Jewish at all (see below video - Atlantis Rising Part 5) and there are also the Venetians and Black Nobility. (Djinn).

Not Every Jew is a Zionist

Mark Zuckerface

Note: Mark Zuckerberg donated $300 million of his own money to the Voter Integrity Project which was given to Democrats in the swing states to pay off officials that stole the USA election in 2020 from the American people.

Ashkenazi Jews


The information in this section is not meant to discriminate but to provide factual information as it is only a very small percentage of Fake Jews who have become Jewish Supremacists who are the Oligarchs of this world from generational bloodlines, not the average Jewish person as shown in the above video - Not Every Jew is a Zionist. The same point can be said of Chinese Supremacists where there are 250 billionaires in the Communist Party (mostly educated at Harvard University and Ivy League Universities ) who enslave the 1.4 billion Chinese for the slave labour economy, and it was Western Oligarchs who consider themselves genetically superior to other humans (including non-jews) that financed the rise of China in the 1970's. The problem is that these oligarch souls are born sociopaths and psychopaths and it is not the religion they adhere to, but the frequency of their Souls from the continuous evil they committed in sequential past lives and the Secret Societies they belong to in order to participate in their practice of the Dark Arts.


However, the methodology and the technology is now available to be able to psychologically test all souls for sociopathic traits and until we legislate for these procedures within our societies we will continue to be governed by sociopaths and psychopaths who believe they are superior to others, and CoVid-19 will be on ongoing process until they finally enslave every man woman and child into a digital hivemind matrix of Soul Enslavement.

We have to view Soul incarnations into this realm of existence, not in decades or centuries, but in terms of millenia....Souls incarnating for thousands of years who get brought BACK INTO the Secret Society Network (The Pilgrims Societyis one of them) who all follow the Dark Path of Evil. (See above link - Dark Occultists. Thats what we have running this physical Realm of Existence. (See below link book - Intruders).

Ashkenazi Genocide of Lesser Jews - 100,000 Radiations

The Crown Corporation



CoVid-19 Revolution

They are therefore not the biblical jews, but imposters which is actually detailed in the bible as the fake jews.  


Book of Revelation:


Behold, I will make those of the synagogue of Satan who say that they are Jews and are not, but lie—behold, I will make them come and bow down before your feet and they will learn that I have loved you. Revelation 2:9.



These Satanic worshipping Khazarian fake jews are a  part of the control matrix and as planetary consciousness is about to increase from the 21st December 2020, attempts are being made to lock down each country into a surveillance matrix which they have been experimenting with China since the 1970's. However, there is a big push back by millions of Souls across the world who choose to be born during these times for this defining battle between the LIGHT v DARK and  GOOD v EVIL.  

It is a spiritual battle and we each have to shine as brightly as possible and engage our Christ qualities, activate our divine spark by pursuing daily spiritual practices and pursue our own individual purpose of why we came here at this precise time of human evolution. Its time to fulfull our destinies. In this below interview from the 3rd December 2020 The Age of Truth interviews Harald Kautz-Vella on a range of subjects which are very interesting.....

Vaccination Agenda


The Kabbalah Revealed - (IMPORTANT)

CoVid-19 Long Term Objective - Enslavement of the Soul (PT 2)

CoVid-19 Long Term Objective - The Invisible Enemy (Dark Forces)

Enslavement of the Soul (PT 3)

This video has been cleansed off youtube and other platforms as of Jan 2022

In this book Arthur Koestler advances the thesis that Ashkenazi Jews are not descended from the historical Israelites of antiquity, but from Khazars, a Turkic people originating in and populating an empire north of and between the Black Sea and Caspian Sea. Koestler's hypothesis is that the Khazars - who converted to Judaism in the 8th century - migrated westwards into current Eastern Europe (primarily Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Lithuania, Hungary and Germany) in the 12th and 13th centuries when the Khazar Empire was collapsing.

As most people are aware of by now CoVid-19 has nothing to do with a virus, but the implementation of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in which one of the aims of the Dark Controllers is to attempt to implement a 'Hive Mind' matrix of control over the human race. From our research which we have published in various sections of this website, it appears that our governments are not governed in the manner in which most people believe them to be, but by secret societies and personages who seem to have malevolent agendas against the human race. One bloodline of the ILLUMINATI or the CROWN Corporation of the City of London are the fake JEWS. (There are also others......)

Harald Kautz- Vella 3rd December 2020

CoVid-19 Long Term Objective - Enslavement of the Soul (PT 1)

The objective of the ashkenazi Jews (Khazarian Mafia) and other self-important grandiose bloodline families (Black Nobility) is to install a world government in Jerusalem in Israel and rebuild Solomons Temple which is the historical home of the Dark Forces - The Djinn


Note: If humanity is modified via transhumanistic technologies including genetic manipulation via Covid vaccines this will enable the Djinn Entities (consciousness parasites) to be able to incarnate into transhumanistic bodies and rule over the human race. This is the Archontic Agenda as described by the Gnostics in the Dead Sea Scrolls discovered in 1945. (See the body of work by John Lash Lamb).

The Agenda Exposed by Claire Edwards

In October 2020 Claire Edwards who worked for the United Nations for over 18 years gave a press conference in which she gave a full description of the CoVid-19 Agenda.

A Dystopian Vision

Dr Graham Downing gives an excellent presentation of the long term objective of the NWO to vaccinate every person which will include nanoparticles and mRNA technology.

Dr Graham Downing - Artificial Intelligence

The Kabbalah and the introduction of the Noahide Laws....

Brendon O'Connell 9th December 2020


The MOSSAD Nostradamus PsyOp - East v West and World War 3

The Ahramanic Deception - The Age of the Anti-Christ and the Next Phase of the Illuminati Agenda???

The philosophy of many of the Elites is believed to be the Kabbalah where one of their Gods is called Megatron who is an Artificially Intelligent robot who resides in another dimension who has provided the designs for D-Wave Quantum Computing. The Elites have been in contact with these spirit entities for hundreds of years as shown in one of the above videos via John Dee in the 16th Century. (Also see the Robert Sepher link above and The Fall of Lucifer below).

The Covid-19 Political Situation Defined

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth interviews the brother of Canadian Pedophile Prime Minister.

Some political commentators have suggested that the objective of the 2016 election of Trump was to create polarizaton and division in America with others suggesing that Trump is battling the Swamp to restore America and bring down 'The Deep State'. Is the CoVid-19 Agenda the means for Trump to blame the Chinese for the China virus when the 5D Chess pieces being moved are for the worlds superpowers (USA v China) to commence a new Cold War and then enagage in a war to mutally destroy each other whilst Israel marchs towards Global Supremacy via the Oded Yinon Plan and the long term goals of the 13 Families to place the Anti-Christ (Ahriman) upon the throne of the NWO capital which will be Jerusalem as stated by Rudolf Steiner in the lecture from 1920 (below video).

Others have also suggested that it was MOSSAD who created the NOSTRADAMUS PSYOP in the 1970's by using mainly zionist publishing houses to print millions of copies of Nostradamus books which all predicted WW3 East v West, (predictive programming) when there are only a few books concerning Nostrodamus prior to that time. It appears that they were planning for WW3 when the Western Oligarchs (City of London) were building China up in the 1970's in order to provide an enemy of the United States so they could achieve their long term goals....(As of January 2021 the History Channel has aired a new series on Nostradamus).

The CCP Members Exposed 13 Dec 2020)

Pentagon Focus on China (13 Dec 2020)


Covert Warfare on Humanity 2021

One of the aims of this page is to counter the anti-semitic narrative that is perpetuated by some alt right media outlets that Jews control the world (they dont). There are banking families like the Rothschilds who are part of the 4 Horsemen of Big Oil and they have amassed great wealth, but they are not the top of the pyramid, only part of the control system which is important to understand, and are they really jewish?

Anthony Patch explains in the video below left how the NEW mRNA vaccines with nanoparticles will interact with a persons DNA to create a 3rd Strand which can then be bio-coded via electromagnetic microwaves via Cell Phone Tower Ground Based Antennas and the new 5G miltary system and even the 12,000+ Space-X satellites which are being launched from 2020.


Below right Dr Graham Downing discusses AI.


Dean Henderson on Age of Truth 13 December 2020


Note: Many targeted individuals will be targeted by the State solely due to their personal spiritual paths of ascension which many of our members can attest to.

thirteenth tribe
kabbalah secrets

Jay Dyer and Richard Grove - The Deep Dive


CoVid-19 is Economic Warfare


Matt Ehret on Covid-19 and Many Other Topics


The Eugencis Roots of the Great Reset: 100 years to Flatten the Curve


Mark Devlin - 10th January 2021


Jaxen Report (The Highwire) 7th January 2021

We were locked out of this site from 12 Jan  - 21 July 2021 - (Page continually updated)

The Venetians, The Black Nobility and the Order of the Black Sun

The objective of this page as stated from the outset was to counter the narratives of various Alt Media outlets and influencers who claim that Jews run the world. This is categorically untrue and we present the following videos for your perusal.


The Black Nobility


The Order of the Black Sun

uk column
thule society

Boris Johnson (The Crown) Replaces the Union Jack with 2 Crosses

At the beginning of this month (Jan 2021) during an address to the nation by Boris Johnson 2 Union Jacks were folded which showed 2 crosses. This is the symbol of the Nazi Thule Society, The Order of the Black Sun......the Black Nobility etc. Hidden in plain sight they are showing who is behind Covid-19, which is the NWO which is the same entity William Shakespeare referred to as the Merchants of Venice, Black Nobility etc......However, as the discovery of Tartaria clearly shows, a World Empire existed up until just over 150 years ago so this Black Nobility did NOT exist as a POWERFUL NETWORK for thousands of years, but only became a 'Force of Power' after World War One, and each war after 1918 appears to have been to target and destroy the architecture and populace who remembered the Old Word Order (Tartaria). ( As George Orwell stated " The past has been re-written...........)

The Nazi Thule Society

Are Some High Ranking Secret Societies Rigging the Reincarnation Process

In 2012 we added a page to this website on reincarnation as we were aware that certain doctrines existed which detailed that some Secret Societies were involved in rigging the reincarnation process. One only has to think of the Dalai Lama and how he came to be nominated as the spiritual leader of Tibet which was a system of belief based on reincarnation that had existed for centuries (even millenia) to understand how 'Western oligarch evil doers' could use the same processes to be identified from birth and brought back into the Secret Society via a revolving door of evil doer souls who leave their fortunes to the Secret Society upon death, only to be re-issued it on re-birth.


Sounds crazy doesn't it, but that is exactly what a BBC America production produced in 2014 in a television series called Intruders:


In the early 1990's one of the co-founders of this website was recruited by several well known intelligence agencies based purely on their exploits and innovation during World War 2 in which they had been killed, but they had remembered their past life upon birth in the 1970's. They then went on to understand how reincarnation is manipulated by Intelligence Agencies to not only recruit people, but also to target Souls who had fought fascism and communism in previous lives and had been problematic towards the Evil Doers Oligarchy and the system of control and enslavement.


A book and a film script is currently being written of our experiences (Jan 2021).....However, we discovered in June 2021 that hollywood scriptwriters had created an interesting narrative on reincarnation, but our story is much more interesting....(See below video - Who Are We by Anthony Chene).






Below sections was added after 23rd July 2021

Hollywood Script Writers Beat Us to It....

The Book

1722 In Wales, a Dr. Wright refers to inoculation against smallpox in the British Isles as “an ancient practice.” A citizen of Wales, 99 years old, states that inoculation had been known and used during his entire lifetime, and that his mother stated it was common during her life, and that she got smallpox through her “inoculation.”

You will find that it is ashkeNazi jews like Mark Zuckerberg who hold a lot of the ownership positions within Silicon Valley, transnational corporations, the media, the banking industry and all other major corporations, its not merely supposition, but fact, and by design, but there are there other bloodlines above those of the Jewish supremacists. ( See below videos by Dean Henderson, Robert Sepehr, Jay Dyer and Micheal Tsarion).


Wise Words by George....


Freedom or Slavery?


Invoke the Spirit of William Wallace......


Who Are We?

Noble Families & Bloodlines - The Return of the Kings (& Queens)


The legendary

King Arthur

For over a thousand years noble blood lines ruled over this physical plane of existence where they served the people (see books by Laurence Gardener - Genensis of the Grail Kings) with Tartaria being a prime example. By the early 1800's after the Venetian Oligarchy had settled in London (setting up the Crown Corporation and East India Company - Dutch East India in Holland) they waged war on Tartaria and as we now know this has all been covered up which is now coming to light. As Laurence Gardener details in his books as does Nicholas de Vere in his book Dragon Legacy, these noble families existed which is also what JRR Tolkien a Professor Orator at Cambridge University detailed in his books - The Lord of the Rings which Gardener also covered in Realm of the Ring Lords. It is also well documented that the Vatican ( Jesuit Intelligence Service) also targeted these noble familes and bloodlines ( see below video - Light of the Black Sun) which continues to this day with the identification of the Souls from these noble bloodlines using Intelligence Agency psychics and astrologers, just as they were able to identify the birth of Jesus as he was born during an unusual astrological configuration (Star of Bethlehem).  More and more of these Noble Souls are reincarnating as we enter the new age of aquarius, and many of you that are reading this may just be one of these Souls....  Note: Iris biometrics will be able to identify incoming Souls in the near future which is what the NWO aim to do.


History of the Royal Dragon Bloodline


Become The Ripple


Climb the mountain...

The Light of the Black Sun


The Best Documentary of the Year, So Far...