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There are various methods and tactics that can be deployed to harass individuals by government intelligence/security and police agencies as well as non-government organisations such as private security and intelligence companies.


Listed below are some of the most common described by Targeted Individuals.






Directed Conversations

Video Below



Targets will be generally observed and profiled long before they ever

become aware that they are being targeted. Profiles will be created on targets by:

*Following them

*Following people close to them

*Listening to their calls

*Hacking into their computers

*Monitorng their mobile phones (texts, calls friends list, GPS)

*Gathering information from friends, family

*Observing what they eat and where they shop

*Medical Records

*Studying their weaknesses

*What do they like and dislike

*Determining whether they can be bribed

*What they could be blackmailed with

*How could they be bullied

*How can they best controlled and which range of methods and

techniques would  be most effective.


All of the information gleaned from the above criteria as well as other revelant  information will be used to create a psychological profile.
























Air Stalking

This is when helicopters are used to track Targets that are on foot or in cars. They fly over head and follow the Targets from one location to the other. The system is so highly sophisticated that these helicopters and planes might be following targets within minutes of leaving their homes. Targeted Individuals have also observed and reported that flight paths have been directed over their houses during either the day and night which may include air traffic flying significantly lower than what is usual. This can last for months and even years and one can imagine the stress and anxiety a Targeted Individual may experience when continous low flying aircraft over a TI's house at night for several months.


As Targets walk along a street usually at night, civilian informants/snitches will turn on their high beams, maybe flashing them a few times at the target. This is done to let the Target know they are being watched, create paranoia etc...


Mobile Phone Stalking



Psychological Profiling


A Targets mobile phone can be used to track and monitor their location. The microphone and camera/video camera can be activated to listen to the target and even watch what they are doing via the video camera. Even when the phone is switched off the microphone can be activated and used to listen in to conversations. It can also be used to locate where the Target is to within a few feet using GPS technology. Anything that the mobile is used for and information that it contains can be accessed. As this following video clip shows, a Target can be relentlessly harassed via their mobile phone.

Targeted Individuals have been subjected to being cut off, driven off the road, near fatal car accidents and actual fatal crashes. Wheel nuts have also been known to have been removed and other alterations to their vehicles.




When the Target is in public, civilian spies/snitches will usually try to box the Target in. For e.g. they will surround the Target in a square like formation if possible. They will stand too close and swarm them.




These are conversations that complete strangers will have in public that the Targeted Individual can hear that relate to the Target and their personal situation. The strangers will repeat things that were said in the Targets home, or on their phone. They will drop very personal details into the conversation that could only be related to the Target.




This occurs through people in a Targets life who are capable of depleting the Target of their energy by continuously insulting  degrading and making negative comments about them. Targets have also reported encounters with more than a frequent amount of strangers who will make negative comments about them and attempt to deplete them of their energy.



Civilian citizen informants/snitches will attempt to lure the Target into difficult and compromising situations for the sole purpose of setting them up. This could involve all manner of various situations such as sexual entrapment, harassment, drugs etc. Once this happens it puts the Target at risk for into becoming an informant themselves or facing prosecution.





It has been indicated that Targets will have warning markers placed against their files. This information is then shared with relatives, co-workers, friends and the community at large. In the case of Jane Clift her information was shared at every location she went. The information was used to prejudice and slander her within the community where she lived for over 10 years. The files might have a description of the Target and information about some alleged crime, incidents that the Target has been flagged for, or is under investigation. The information is usually very convincing and helps to further the Targets harassment by members of the various communities that they encounter.




Directed Conversations


Fake Credibility Reports


Car Accidents


Emotional Sapping


Doing little things to make the Target think they are going crazy. Citizen informants will enter the Targets home and move their furniture around, change clothing that they bought with similar items and taking items and replacing them later on. To gaslight a Target illegal surveillance may be set up to find out intimate details about the Target.

Also illegal audio and visual equipment may also be installed to monitor the Target.

This is where citizen informants will go out of their way to get into the Targets life. They will try to form friendships with the Target and also attempt to form intimate relationships. They will also attempt to get close to the people that are in the Targets life and attempt to influence them to be negative towards the Target by influencing their opinions etc. If they are unable to get close to the Target the civilian informants will concentrate solely on their close friends and associates.




For this form of harassment to be successful it is important to be able to isolate the target from friends, family members, co-workers and even spouses. To accomplish this isolation many methods are used including, but not limited to: slander. lies, fake files, sabotage and anything that would get the Target into a situation where they have no support systems.




As part of what happens under illegal surveillance citizen informants will delay the delivery of mail or make sure its not delivered at all. They will also do the same with email and messaging which iis called man in the middle attacks.



This is when civilian informants/snitches etc will mimick what a Target is doing . i.e. leaving when they do, dressing as the Target does, and so forth. This is all designed to be psychological warfare so that the Target is under the impression that they are under observation at all times.



Targets have expressed concerns that mind reading from civilain informants and even accomplished psychics are being used to interpret their thoughts. The history of psychic warfare goes back over 500 years in UK history and the first person to ever sign their name as 007  was John Dee in 1565. John Dee was the Queen of Englands senior psychic/occultist and it is well chronicled that he set up vast psychic spy networks across europe in the 1500's. Ever since spiritualism gained popularity over 140 years ago, government intelligence agencies have used psychics in villages, towns and cities across the country to assist in procuring intelligence. However this is still deemed an intelligence agency secret in most quarters of society and its a secret the intelligence agencies wish to keep.




Targeted Individuals have also experienced directed conversations using the thoughts that they have. For e.g. the Targets home, vehicle and workplace are fitted with audio equipment and the surveillance team can hear a majority of the Targets conversations. These conversations can then be relayed back to the Target ( See Direct Conversations) by citizen informants/snitches/snoopers etc within proximity to the Target so they can hear them. This is obviously a psychological ploy to create certain emotional disturbances within the Target as they become aware that their conversations at home/vehicle/work place are being monitored. With psychic  feedback via directed conversation, the Target who is aware that their conversations are being listened into via audio/video equipment, starts to keep important information about their activities and their future plans/events/meetings etc to themselves.


This is where psychics will read the Targets thoughts and the information gleaned from them is relayed back to the Target via directed conversations. This can be unnerving for the Target at first as they realise that their thoughts are being read and are then relayed back to them time and again through directed conversations via citizen informants/snitches/co-workers etc.  It is important to remain aware that the goal of covert warfare is to break down the Target, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and psychic directed conversations are just another tool of the organisation to accomplish this. It is important that if the Targeted Individual experiences continuous use of this method of psychological attack, the best form of defence is to continue as normal as their is really no defence, only a way of 'being' which encompasses living in the now, in the present moment and being spontaneous.


All you need to know about mind reading fom a book first printed in 1907.

Mind Reading

Psychic Directed Conversation

Intimate Infiltration


Mail and Email Tampering


Psychological Manipulation

This video clip (right) shows clearly how a group of people working together with a specific agenda can influence one individual over a couple of days to confess to a murder they didnt commit using a range of psychological tactics.


To view the complete program click on this link:

This will include anything from doors slamming (neighbours), loud stereos, car stereos, regular beeping of horns as cars drive past by civilian informants to many other noise related events. It can also be used at night to keep Targets awake.



This when audio/visual equipment can be inserted into the Targets accommodation. This is either accomplished by stealth or a fake burglary as a cover. Can also be used for gaslighting purposes etc.




This will be people on the street who you randomly and unexpectedly run into. It looks completely natural and it seems to be a randon encounter/co-incidence. They might ask for your phone number, ask you out, to meet up or engage you in conversation. The purpose of these encounters can vary from finding something out about you to getting you to carry out a pre-ordained task, to create paranoia and anxiety for example.




When targets are in a relationship, the civilian spies/snitches will try to sabotage that relationship. This could be friendships , family or significant others. If its a romantic relationship, the targtes partner will be profiled and weaknesses searched for , all with the aim of destroying the relationship. If its a friendship, they will use slander, lies and defamation to become between you. The same goes for family. This is done to remove all the Targets support system. By the time the Target realises what has occured, it maybe too late as the support system has been dismantled, and they are left isolated.




The notifications can and often do often contain inaccurate or unsubstantiated information about the Target. Information that is often presented as fact. The information will be presented to those in the targets enviroment without the targets knowledge. Often the lies will consist of the target being under investigation, being into something illegal, is someone who is dangerous or just needs to be watched for some vague reason, i.e. information will be circulated that the target is a drug dealer, a crazy person, a paedophile, racist etc.......


Noise Disturbance

Illegal Entry

Random Encounters

Ruined Relationships



To add.........

Harssmment through Institutions NHS etc

Classical/operant conditiong


Covert warfare/harassment generally starts slow, but can also be used to quickly overwhelm a Target using a high volume of people and tactics with the aim to create high stress states. This below example will attempt to show how various layers of psychological covert and overt methods can be applied to a Target.


In this scenerio, the Target is a government employee who is considering exposing something they have discovered about the organisation they work for. They have spoken to a journalist only once who is interested in pursuing the story. The employee is bright, intelligent, moral, a free thinker and independant.


Layer 1


The employee has now become a Targeted Individual and becomes the main focused attention of full time Gang Stalkers who carry out the covert and overt warfare.


The Targeted Individual begins to notice several individuals who seem to be in the same local shops, and in the same vicinity several times a day at the same time as they are for maybe a couple of weeks. The Gang Stalkers make innocuous glanes at the Targeted Individual (TI).  Even when the TI leaves their local area and purchases something from a shop, they notice that one of these individuals is also in the shop. The TI begins to realise that is beyond randon co-incidence to see these individuals are in the same shops in the local area, in the same vicinty and out of their local area at the same time that they are there. It starts to play on their mind. They know it cant be co-incidence but at the same time they begin to doubt their own judgement. They breifly wonder if it is related to the journalist they have spoken to and what they want to expose.




The TI notices that there mobile phone battery keeps going flat rather to quickly than it used to. They buy a new battery (or phone) but the same thing happens. ( The TI is unaware that their mobile phones microphone is being activated to listen in to conversations using the mobiles microphone.) (Phone can also be used to increase electromagnetic frequencies which can cause headaches. Long term, it is not good for ones health).


Layer 2


The Gang Stalkers are still in the same shops and in the same vicinity as the TI each day.


Additional to Layer 1, the TI overhears conversations at work during coffee breaks, lunch break and whilst working; conversations between colleagues that the TI has had the night before with friends and family. The TI finds this unusal and co-incidental. It continously happens each day. (Directed Conversations).


Layer 3


The TI goes away for the weekend and notices that wherever they are they seemed to be being tracked by a helicopter. This occurs for the entire weekend. The TI also see's the Gang Stalkers in the same vicinity as they are during the weekend away.


The TI at this stage is becoming stressed and start to display symptoms of hypervigilance and hyper-sensitivity. They are finding it hard to sleep, replaying in their mind who the people are whereever they are and why the helpicopter was in the same location as they were all weekend.


In order to sleep, the TI resorts to substance abuse, either drinking alcohol or turning to prescription or illegal drugs or to help with sleep and emotional disturbances.


Layer 4


The TI goes to work, notices the same people in the same vicinity, hears the same conversations she had with friends either on the phone at home or at friends houses. They leave work and notice a helicopter above them, at the same time each day for a number of days.


At this stage, the TI is doubting what they experiencing, thinking it must be just co-incidence and they would feel stupid confiding in a friend. They are starting to not only doubt the experiences they are having, but they also begin to not trust what they are experiencing (gaslighting). Additional to the hyper-vigilance and hyper-sensivity they are experiencing, medicating to assist with sleep, they are also now begining to display psychological symptoms of lack of concentration and short term memory loss. They are also beginning to exerience physical symptms of a stomach ailment and IBS.

Depriving the target of sleep is one of the most vital ingrediants in the citizen informants strategy of breaking down a target. Without much sleep proper cognitive function is difficult and when a target is engaged with the techniques listed in this section, they will become much more stressed out, which in turn causes a negative cycle of stress, anxiety and an inability to relax and therefore more susceptable to the gang stalkers tactics.



This can be as randon as a dozen citizen informants acting unusual around the Target Individual to them lining the street every 10 meteres to where the Target is walking along. There are literally hundreds of scenario's for this tactic.



When a target makes a telephone call when they are under covert surveillance and harassment Targets have reported having their calls re-directed. The calls will be intercepted and the other person will pretend/act to be the person/business that you have called. This method can and is used to create varying degrees of disruption. It has also been used extensivley to destroy targets who have had their own businesses.



The targets are tracked by a variety of ways, either on foot, by vehicles; from tracking devices attached to their cars, using their mobile phones, sat nav and laptops. Satellites are also being used more extensively for this purpose.



Targets will often get wrong number calls. Informants will use this method to systematically psychologically harass and monitor the targets. Also targets details will be passed to personal injury firms where the target will recieve regular calls and texts asking them about their recent accidents etc.




Wrong Number Calls

Sleep Deprivation

Street Theatre

Telephone Redirects


Directed Energy Weapons



Covert Warfare

Is it Possible to Manipulate Someone to carry out an Assassination


Can a member of the public be hypnotised into killing someone? Is it possible to programme somebody to kill, and without them realising it?

For the full program click here:

Targets have reported that items in their shopping trolley have been replaced with the same item containing a poison when they have moved away from the shopping trolley. When a target is monitored and profiled their eating habits are analysed and where they shop and who with will be noted. Targets have also been poisoned with food in their own home.


Chemical and Biological Attacks

Pre-Emptive Profiling

Target Individuals have also been reporting that they were targeted because they have the potential to pose a threat to authority, not because they were already a threat. This suggests that government profilers are adopting vast resources and information to profile people from an early age using pre-emptive strategies such as school reports and that of social services, community snoopers etc. This relates to a lot of potential Targets that have actually not done anything which makes them a threat to government, and may not even be mature adults and they have not amassed enough knowledge neccessary to become a threat to anybody. This would include people who are naturally bright, who are headstrong. They maybe charismatic and not know it, be influential to the opinions of their peers in manners that could potentially be against some hidden agenda. What this all suggests is that the past policies of the government to only act once the person had become a threat before the government would act with covert programs against the individual is no longer a strategy that is being used. From what Target Individuals are reporting draws a very big picture of pre-emptive strategies being deployed. Intelligence agencies are no longer merely reacting to percieved threats. This means the process of detecting enemy activity goes hand in hand with that of preventing it and this has been observed by Targeted Individuals.


Microwave attacks against protestors

A history of microwave experiments

For a particular subset of Targets of Covert Warfare, they can be considered lucky that they know they are being Targeted for a reason, whether that be because they are whistleblowers, activists, speaking out against corruption etc. Though this happens to be where there luck ends. They also have to deal with the entire gamut of attacks designed to destroy their personality and as long as they do not get their act together in time they will gradually suffer the same fate as unsuspecting victims of covert warfare.


Covert Warfare as it is waged today is highly organised and systematic. It is high tech lynching at best. It draws for its methods on the best that has come out of research in psychology, the social sciences and state of the art war technologies most of which is classified. It utilizes results of research conducted on unsuspecting civilians, using the best of chemical and biological know-how to create states of mind and health within the victim than can be used to cause demise whereby the cause looks all too natural. Funding for this type of systemic harassment can only be authorised at the highest governemental levels.


In Summary

The following video shows several of the above methods of harassment being waged against an unsuspecting woman in the US.


Scenerios of how some of the above methods  of harassment may be used together


min report1

The Covert War on British Citizens © 2012 All Rights Reserved  

In 1998, extrajudicial executions were carried out in 47 countries, 'disappearances' occurred in 37 countries, torture occurred in 125 countries, prisoners of conscience were held in 78 countries, unfair trials for political prisoners occurred in 35 countries, detentions without charge or trial occurred in 66 countries, executions were carried out in 36 countries, and human rights abuses were committed by armed opposition groups in 37 countries.

Covert Warfare on UK Citizens 2012

Layer 5


The TI, in additional to the continuing methods of covert warfare( Gang Stalking, helicopters) they are now begining to experience degrading comments from their superiors at work. They are made to do menial tasks typically not associated to their normal duties and are reprimanded in front of their colleagues degrading them even further. They are also confronted outside of work, near to their home by well dressed and normal looking strangers looking at them vagualy and asking them various things associated to mental hospitals such they work in a mental hospital. Have they recently come out of a mental hospital as they look familar. ( These people would be Gang Stalkers).


The TI isnt sleeping properly, taking medication to sleep, taking other medication to counter the effects of hyper-vigilance. They doubt what they are seeing, hearing, they are experiencing loss of cencentration and now they are being degraded  at work and by strangers. The psychological effects are worsening and they begin to isolate themselves.


They are however bound by a strong moral ethic to expose what they know of the organisation which needs to be put into the public domain. They do not at this stage put the "co-incidences" that are occuring in their lives together with their intent of exposing the organisation.



Layer 6 - 3 months have passed by.


With the usual "co-incidences" still occuring ( same people, helicopters, degraded at work, comments from starngers) a former partner comes into their lives and strikes up a intimate relationship with the TI. During pillow talk, the partner relates what is happening in their lives which is the same as the TI. The TI on hearing these repeated "co-incidental" similar occurances from this person starts to become ever more hyper-sensitive and hyper-vigilant. The TI's psychological state deteriorates further and their anxiety levels increase - they experience palpitations, tightness in their scalp causing headaches, shortness of breath, all fight or flight symptoms). They think they are becoming paranoid and continue to self medicate. They are unable to tell their doctor what is happening as the symptoms are simliar to paranoid schizophrenia and they fear being locked up in a mental hospital.


Without the TI's knowledge, the former partner who has entered the TI's life had been approached by 2 senior detectives weeks prior to becoming involved with the TI. They had been shown files which suggested that the TI had broken the Law and their assistance was required to prevent the TI going to prison. They are financially rewarded for their assistance and are made to believe that the actions  required of them are more appropriate to the TI spending several years in prison. The Police however have seriousuly exaggerated the situation as the TI has no confidentiality agreement with the government organisation and it is in the public interest that the TI exposes what they are morally bound to. The partner is also not be aware that the TI is experiencing other forms of covert warfare and will not know if other people are also involved in psychologically harassing the TI.


Also at this stage, the TI's parents have mentioned to the TI that they were approached by some strange people who asked them if they worked in a mental hospital. Also, another relative has mentioned that they seemed to be followed by a helicopter for a few days which was strange. The journalist the TI was speaking to has been sacked and cannot be contacted or located.



Layer 7 - 6 months have passed


The TI is experiencing the usual covert warfare and their psychological state has deteriorated much further. The Gang Stalkers who were always in the TI's vicinity have changed place with another group of people who use the same methodoly and are always in the same location as the TI day in day out. The TI has now been sacked from their job and they dont recieve any contact from the employment applications they send off. They are in a financial crisis, unable to pay their bills. They may lose their home. Their friendships have been lost due to their ill health and inability to function at normal levels.  They are suffering from physical health problems. They feel like they are losing their minds.




The above is taken from a true account from what happened to a whistleblower in the UK several years ago. This also happens on a weekly basis to a vast range of people throughout the UK.  It took the TI in this case several years to recover and they still recieve warnings and threats even though what they were going to expose, got exposed anyway. They have been placed on notification lists and secret police databases. Their lives will never be the same again....but they are morally inclined people and vow to expose the tyranny, which they do with vigour, honesty and tenacity. They are now becoming very mentally strong activists and do not regret the actions they have taken.



The reality is that whilst a majority of people know that whistleblowers are subjected to covert warfare methods and tactics, they do not realise that the excessive use of covert warfare is also being waged against all manner of people, including children, from all nations on a daily basis. Targets are not just whistleblowers; they are people who are intelligent, independant and bright who are being flagged as potential future trouble makers to "The System" using pre-emptive strategies. The film Minority Report gave credence to the use of pre-emptive strategies over 10 years ago though the main theme of the film included a theory of preventing a crime such as murder before it occurred. The reality however is the opposite as it is the psychopaths who are in control of  "The System"  who are waging the covert warfare on civilians who are considered to be a threat to them, their privilages and their system which is controlled by very dark secret societies.

The Reality

Guilt Trip


Harassment Methods


Harassment and Tracking Via Facebook and Social Media

Over a dozen of our members have reported over the last few years that their Facebook accounts have been accessed by intelligence and surveillance agencies using a backdoor script written into facebook. They have reported that messages that they have sent havent been recieved by their friends; they have recieved messages purportedly from friends though when checked the friend(s) havent sent them and the messages contained specific psychological methodology to misdirect/harass/separate and isolate the member activists. The conclusion we have come is to is that the surveillance software is able to duplicate multiple friends accounts without their knowledge and therefore can be used  by a surveillance operator to continously misdirect/harass and intimidate individuals by pretending to be their real friends on facebook. The methodology is the same that a Police/intelligence agency would use to infiltrate the support network of friends and family of a Targeted Individual in an attempt to intimidate, bully, manipulate, harass, frighten and eventually isolate a target.

people targets
honey trap

Psychic Profiling Networks since 1576

Geographical Stress Conditioning

This is when gang stalkers/informants etc harass targets at specific  geographic locations that the Target enjoys, such as dog walking, favorite places to hang out etc. Over time this is to make the Target feel like prey, like they are being hunted, which will make the Target stressed, paranoid, anxious and in a permenant state of fear.




anon 5

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