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the last kings of shangai

This is where the Globalist Oligarchs

are directing human evolution to:


Gang Stalking Program on Dr Phil (USA)


Gang Stalking book - Bridging the Gap

Gang Stalking book - The Destruction of Society via community based gang stalking programs

This is one of the rare programs that was on mainstream TV concerning gangstalking. Even though these tactics were routine throughout East Germany and other communist countries from the 1950's, and the FBI had also started to use similar tactics from the 1950's (Special Branch in the UK) that were exposed during the Church Committee hearings on FBI COINTELPRO in the 1970's, mainstream TV shows ridicule people who come forward who attempt to expose these communist surveillance and harassment programs that have been orchestrated by the Ruling Classes, which is really just a continuation of the catholic inquisitions.


Incidentally, Marcus Wolf the former head of the East German Stasi acted as a consultant for USA Homeland Security before his death. His son Franx Wolf is connected to Aplha Group (2021).

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