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the last kings of shangai

This is where the Globalist Oligarchs

are directing human evolution to:


The Insider (Al Pacino and Russell Crowe)

(Who doesn't want to live a life like this)


The Line  (TV Mini Series on Apple TV

This below TV Series is an excellent example of morally inclined individuals who drew a line in the sand and decided to speak out against a psychopath within their profession and how they all felt that they could not live with themselves if they didn't take any action. What happened thereafter makes for very interesting TV.


Garry Rogers Interview - Undercover Cop Who Hates The Police

This is a very interesting interview from a former undercover cop who was radicalised by corrupt Freemasons who then went on to expose the endemic corruption by senior police officers. It paints a true picture of modern policing in the UK...


Infiltrate The Police and Government Organisations In Order to Blow The Whistle To Expose The Corruption and Secret Society Networks


Page Created: 21st Nov 2021

There are a lot of people who would agree, especially those that have been Targeted by 'The Police State' that it is imperative that Targeted Individuals encourage family members and friends to join the Police in order to expose the endemic immorality and corruption that exists in pretty much all police forces as these organisations attract personality types that lust after power,  control and financial gain. Research has indicated that people that join the Police are pre-dominantly inherently sociopathic, narcissists and psychopaths. If we want change in these organisations it is NOT going to come from within as history has shown. Frank Serpico in the below documentary was a rare diamond.


I was first and foremost an ex-military whistleblower, then a political activist and I started with exposing political policing and police corruption and malpractice, and the secret society networks that exist within the police and the connection to child traffiking and paedophile rings, CIA drug trafficking, assassination programs, counter terrorism investigations that exposed Intelligence Agencies that were behind ISIS and Al Qaeda attacks and much more and it has been the most challenging and rewarding journey that I have ever experienced. It has been a crazy adventure and tough going, but I have learnt more from defending myself from the Police State, to then deciding to attack and expose the Police and Intelligence Security Apparatus of the Billionaire Psychotic Inbred Ruling Classes than I would have learnt from doing any other job. I cannot highly recommend enough how rewarding pursuing such a path is as what I have learnt as a Soul in this lifetime outweighs everything I have previously done in over  2000 years. My progression in this lifetime has been phenomenal and I have been collaborating with script writers for several years based on my experiences.

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