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the last kings of shangai

This is where the Globalist Oligarchs

are directing human evolution to:


I was first introduced to Ra: The Law of One 30 years ago and I have found that this philosophy has stood the test of time. Aaron Abke is probably one of the better youtubers who has studied this subject and this video below gives an accurate explanation of the current stage of evolution that we as a human species are at. If you have never come across this work before, it is well worth looking into, inbetween your mediation practice of course..

It is worth knowing that Anthony Forwood was investigating links between the CIA and the RA Channellings before his disappearence...

The Path Towards Christ Consciousness

As everyman and his dog knows only too well, Jesus Christ was targeted from birth by the Ruling Classes of his day and he is probably the most well known Targeted Individual that has ever lived. Why did he teach what he did and why did he become so well known for his teachings? Was it because he was showing people the true path out of the slavery system and how Souls could ascend....

The series on Gaia TV Ascension Masters is well worth watching as is Sacred Geometry with Robert Gilbert.

Christ Consciousness


The 'Children of Darkness' have been waging war on Humanity for a very long time, but over the last 2 centuries at least their agenda has amplified, and the war they are waging is a war on consciousness. However, if You find yourself viewing this page, maybe it is your destiny to pursue the higher states of consciousness, and if just 1% of the population chooses this path, the 'Ripple Effect' will ultimately create a massive shift within the field of consciousness that it will become extremely difficult, virtually impossible for the 'Human Predators' (the psychopaths) to continue to exist in the physical realm and they will be forced to have a physical death as the human body will become much less dense (more spirit than flesh) and they have been avoiding this for a very long time because there genetic blood lines come from a bygone era.


The primary reason that this group of Global  Satanic Oligarchs have been avoiding their natural physical death is because their karma is sooo great that when they go through the 10 Stages of the Afterlife they will be deemed as being karmically bankrupt because they have committed so much evil, and their Souls will be destroyed and they will be made into stardust. (This theory is based on the body of work by Professor Michael Newton in which he performed over 6000 past life regressions).


This is probably the main reason why the Evil Doer Oligarchs have pumped trillions of your tax payers money into DARPA and other Agencies in an attempt to further the transhuman agenda because they wish to upload their soul/consciousness into a machine/bio-robot vehicle or even a modified physical CLONE  (Dolly The Sheep Style) to be able to live forever, and not only that, they will start to offer these options to other souls in the near future, possible when the Covid-19 vaccine agenda starts to unravel. They could even be attempting to create a new dimension of reality, a new simulation, a new Matrix in which they can live forever as Gods, and they would of course be lonely if they have only got themselves to play with, but this of course is just a theory based on their own published books.


We think by 2025-27 at the latest it will become quite common to hear  how Souls can upload their consciousness into this new reality...

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Meditation is the key ingrediant towards the fulfillment of higher consciousness and Dr Joe Dispenza is leading the field and we highly recommend that everyone studies his body of work which can be found for free online and his courses although a little expensive they are worth every penny, and Dr David Hawkins Map of Consciousness is also vital.


What we need in this world right now is more and more people following the path of Christ because if you have seen The Secret Masonic Victory of World War 2, you will be aware that a war has been waged on Christainty and all that Jesus, and many other Masters have taught throughout the ages.

Ra: The Law of One

A brief synopsis of the Law of One by Brian Scott. (Video).

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