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“Who could imagine the government, all the way up to the Surgeon General of the United States, deliberately allowing a group of its citizens to die from a terrible disease for the sake of an ill-conceived experiment?”


The world media is validating the warning I sent out over a year ago, “Are we being set up for another Gulf War Syndrome disaster?”


Yes, another outbreak of illness is occurring, and as predicted, vaccines are to blame. These vaccines are being used not for the stated purpose of protecting our troops from deadly disease but rather in experimentation programs by the military with the aim of developing next-generation vaccines.


My study of the relationship between the U.S. government’s “human experimentation through vaccination” program and the first Gulf War Syndrome had prompted me to warn of a repeat occurrence of the syndrome affecting U.S. troops.     This vaccination experimentation program has received much less publicity than the decades-long radiation and MKULTRA testing programs, even though it is far more dangerous (and ongoing).

Since the policies that I believe caused the first Gulf War Syndrome (and the Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome stemming from HIV) have not changed, and the public has not realized how the medical system is being used to conduct dangerous experiments, we continue to see the predictably catastrophic results of human experimentation with vaccines on a grand scale.


The media catches on After a decade of denials, the U.S. government has finally done a “U-Turn” and admitted what it previously denied: media reports of Gulf War Syndrome were true after all. The disease was not a figment of the troops’ imaginations, or due to stress. The government is even admitting a chemical exposure link to the disease. But unfortunately, the government is still covering up a major cause of the illness: chemicals injected in troops by the government itself.


Ironically, just as the government is catching up with old press reports on the reality of Gulf War Syndrome, the media has finally caught up with independent reports of a government-induced cause. Indeed, an increasing number of articles in the mainstream press are confirming that vets are being severely affected by the military’s own vaccine policy. The Charlotte Observer published a front-page article (”Victims of Vaccine,” 9/24/4) detailing the side effects of the military’s mandatory anthrax vaccine policy. (The article used the words “Covert Killer” in the subtitle).


An article from the St. Petersburg Times (”The shots of war,” 09/17/2004) reported similar developments:


“In the last decade, hundreds of troops insist the anthrax vaccine made them sick. Hundreds more have refused the shots, risking court-martial. Medical experts say it is safe. But the experts cannot definitively exempt the vaccine for a host of health problems reported by servicemen and women.”

Then there’s more definitive confirmation of a vaccine cause of the disease from the British press (Telegraph, 8/05/2004), which has been far ahead of the U.S. media in breaking this story:



“…in a sobering article by Michael Smith of The Daily Telegraph, Professor Simon Wesseley – previously a sceptic on the existence of a Gulf War illness – confirmed to the public inquiry on Gulf War Syndrome that not only were vaccines the culprit, but also that ‘the more vaccines you received, the more likely you were to suffer ill health’.” [emphasis added]


These articles bring up questions:

1.If vaccines are the problem, why is the military going to such lengths to force troops to take them, even aggressively lobbying against a federal judge’s decision to halt the vaccine program in the interest of troop safety?

2.Could the use of these vaccines be serving a hidden agenda?

3.Does this agenda include using vaccines loaded with experimental additives to conduct dangerous human experiments in the development of next-generation vaccines?


The answers to those questions may shock you.


A Delaware paper (The News Journal) reported on October 10 more specific details of the Gulf War Syndrome II story. Its explosive exposé resulted in the vaccines being halted by a federal judge, for the second time. According to the Journal article:


“A former Dover Air Force Base commander says military officials used his troops as guinea pigs in illegal medical experiments under the government’s controversial anthrax vaccination program.”


As the Journal summarized, “Problems began at Dover in May 1999, after some troops in their 20s and 30s began developing illnesses normally associated with old age.”


According to the Delaware paper, “Lt. Col. Felix Grieder, concluded after years of investigation that his troops were the subjects of illegal experiments at the base.”


Grieder shut down the vaccine program at his base when Air Force medical spokesmen trivialized evidence that the vaccines were causing a host of medical problems in his troops, including arthritis and neurological dysfunction. (According to the Journal,” Grieder halted the vaccination program, a move he said brought an end to his military career.” )


This Journal article goes on to provide more details:


■The Defense Department used an illegal, experimental vaccine additive called squalene in some of the vaccines given to troops.

■This additive had not been approved for use in the U.S.; the military denies the squalene was placed in vaccines intentionally.

■The Department of Defense now admits what it previously denied: It has secretly used squalene in human vaccine experiments conducted overseas and the results of these experiments are still classified.


Base-commander Grieder’s claim of domestic experimentation on his soldiers with the vaccine additive was borne out. According to another Journal report, the vaccines given to the Dover Air Force base did indeed contain the experimental additives which, suspiciously enough, were not found in vaccines given to other bases:



“Subsequent testing by the Food and Drug Administration detected squalene in varying amounts in the vaccine. The substance was detected in all the vaccine sent to Dover, but not in vaccine sent to other military installations.”


The fact that selective additions of experimental additives used in classified international tests were found in U.S. military vaccines suggests that controlled experiments were replicated on U.S. soil, on U.S. troops used as laboratory guinea pigs. As Grieder summarized: “It appears illegal medical experiments were foisted upon us.”


Will we never learn?


Were these vaccines given to soldiers as a means of developing the next generation of vaccines? There is precedent for such a scenario. In AIDS: The “Perfect” Disease, I outline the manner in which such tests have been conducted for decades, beginning with the U.S. military’s recruitment of Nazi war criminals as consultants in 1940s-era experiments on American troops with German chemical warfare agents.


But this was just the beginning. Over the decades, under the guise of humanitarian research, scientists systematically replicated deadly animal cancer vaccine experiments in humans (and published the results in research journals):


■Through the 1950s and ’60s, they used increasingly dangerous methods to both reduce and induce tumor growth in humans for cancer vaccine experiments; beginning with West Nile Virus injections, progressing to cancer cell injections and then to monkey tumor and sarcoma virus injections.

■In the 1970s, one of these monkey sarcoma viruses was mixed in human cell cultures with a monkey immunodeficiency virus, one of many such viruses developed to selectively destroy the immune system to increase the effectiveness of cancer virus injections for vaccine experiments.

■In the early 1980s, an epidemic of rare sarcomas began in human populations suddenly infected with a mysterious immunodeficiency virus. This virus (HIV), which selectively depleted the immune cells targeted by vaccine researchers, was traced to a monkey virus similar to that grown in human cell cultures by cancer researchers just prior to the AIDS epidemic. (Similar viruses had been used in animal vaccine experiments for decades prior to AIDS.)


In my studies, I trace the spread of the AIDS/cancer epidemic to an international cancer vaccine experiment, implemented under the guise of public vaccination programs–specifically, an experimental hepatitis vaccine and the international smallpox vaccine. And the experiment is paying off handsomely, fulfilling the goals of the cancer vaccine research establishment, which invented immunosuppressive viruses for this purpose.


Not only AIDS can be traced to cancer vaccine experiments. Research by journals such as Insight Magazine has demonstrated that the first Gulf War Syndrome can be traced to experimental vaccines for AIDS research.


Such developments have moved me to conclude that sophisticated viruses and additives are being used to selectively deplete and boost the immune system in deadly human vaccine experiments. And I believe researchers are using one set of vaccines to create a demand for next generation vaccines while conducting vaccine experiments against diseases caused by earlier vaccine experiments. In the case of AIDS, they simply followed the well-worn experimental path used in decades of animal vaccine experiments using immunodeficiency viruses, which I refer to as the long-term strategy of “developing immuno-proficiency through immuno-deficiency.” This was done by selectively destroying the immune system in the presence of cancer viruses to pinpoint weaknesses which can be then be compensated for through more focused cancer vaccine strategies (in some cases using modified versions of the original cancer viruses as vaccine viruses).


This extensive history, in light of the military’s ongoing insistence on exposing its captive troops to dangerous medical concoctions (in flagrant violation of the Geneva Convention), makes it easier to believe that the most recent episode of Gulf War Syndrome is the result of further vaccine experimentation. And recent events bear this out. In the midst of vigorous denials that the military was experimenting on its troops with vaccines containing unapproved experimental additives such as squalene, The Journal reported that “the Army applied for a patent for a new way to make anthrax vaccine with squalene as an ingredient. The patent was granted two years later.”


Charges of vaccine experimentation would be easier to deny if the military was more forthcoming with the facts on experimental additives found in its vaccines and less interested in filing patents based on them. It has not only refused to release results of overseas experiments with squalene vaccines (which it had denied existed), but it has also:


■Put a gag order on the soldiers who were experimented on domestically with the additive

■Carried out punitive actions against those who refuse to be vaccinated

■Even punished a pilot who obediently reported disease symptoms that might be blamed on the vaccine


And while the military continues to use the vaccine identified as the culprit, the FDA refuses to screen the vaccines for the squalene contamination its own labs found in the vaccines!


Such high-level cooperation and corruption allows long-term experimentation to continue unimpeded. Indeed, this anthrax vaccine experimentation has been going on for some time. Grieder’s research only confirms what Insight Magazine reported as far back as 1997 about military experimentation with squalene vaccines, its effect on troops during the first Gulf War and the legacy of lies to cover it all up. As Insight reported:


“Insight at first was told squalene was not in the government’s arsenal of drugs — then discovered it had been used in experimental medical trials at the National Institutes of Health involving cutting-edge herpes vaccines. Suddenly the story line was that, yes, it’s used there — but nowhere else. Insight discovered that it was used at the Army’s Walter Reed Medical Research Center — then the story line was that, yes, it’s used there — but only recently and only for an experimental malaria-vaccination program. When Insight discovered it has been used at Walter Reed for HIV research, the cover story moved to yes — but only in laboratory work involving animals. Insight next discovered that Walter Reed actually manufactures a pharmaceutical-grade version of squalene. ….Finally we learn that the Pentagon — by and through Walter Reed, among others — has been engaged in human testing programs involving an anti-HIV vaccine using squalene as the adjuvant in concert with private firms through a cooperative program funded by the Pentagon.”


Lt. Col. Jay Lacklen provided a fitting summary of the affair. According to the Delaware Journal, “Lacklen, a retired senior pilot who received the full program of anthrax inoculations in Dover, has spearheaded a drive to rebut the military’s versions of events. He harbors no doubt that senior military officers experimented on him, his fellow pilots and his crews.”


The Journal quoted Lacklen as saying: “They have squandered generations of trust and goodwill for a program that violated U.S. law and the Geneva conventions. They have jeopardized America’s front-line troops, and therefore, the safety of the nation.”


Indeed, according to the Delaware paper, the military’s arrogant and criminal vaccination policy has adversely affected U.S. readiness:


“A General Accounting Office study finds that a quarter of all 176,000 pilots and other flight crew members in the Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard have resigned or transferred out of their units in the past year. The loss of personnel is blamed on suspicions about the anthrax vaccine.”



In spite of this and the Delaware congressional delegation’s demanding four separate federal investigations into the vaccine fiasco, the Pentagon has not backed off. It has accelerated the mandatory vaccine policy, declaring that civilian employees at the base and elsewhere may be forcibly vaccinated, in addition to the troops.


The Journal warned:


“Nationwide, the defense department’s 800,000 civilian employees are being drawn into the controversy over the anthrax vaccination program simmering among Air Force pilots and crews at Dover and around the country.”



Until the public demands that the Pentagon be made to stop this experimentation, you can expect our troops, and civilians as well, to continue to be treated like guinea pigs.


Is that what you want? If not, make your voice heard. Feel free to pass this article on.


“The reason Gulf War Syndrome happened is that no one did anything about AIDS. The reason AIDS happened is that no one did anything about MKULTRA. The reason MKULTRA happened is that no one did anything about ongoing U.S. complicity in Hitler’s crimes.”





Link for the original article can be found here....





In the UK, the government doesnt recognise that Gulf War Syndrome exists. While they state that the illnesses that Gulf Veterans suffer from remain important to them, the only medical treatment they offer is a mental health sevice which offers a psychiatric assessment to Gulf War Veterans which can be viewed here......

Gulf War Syndrome: Don’t Be A Guinea Pig!

Although this article is written by a US Veteran, it also applies to UK Veterans

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