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the last kings of shangai

This is where the Globalist Oligarchs

are directing human evolution to:




In 2010 Bill Ryan from Project Camelot published a video in which a NATO whistleblower had told him that a bio-weapon would be released on China in which 'they would catch a cold'. The narrative last year in 2020 from the mainstream media was that it WASN'T the Wuhan Lab that leaked the virus and people were being censored on social media due to this, but as of October 2021 the media is now pushing the narrative that it was most likely the Wuhan Lab which spread to the Military Games in October 2019.


Spiro Skouras - Feb 2020


In February 2020 Spiro published a video suggesting that it could of come from the Wuhan Military Games but the propaganda being peddled is still pointing the finger at Communist China as being at fault, but is this true? Could the USA military personel be behind transporting and releasing the virus on Wuhan so it could be blamed on the Chinese as Veterans Today suggested 18 months ago. This would suit the Trans-National Military Industrial Complex for a Cold War 2.0 and a future war with China as we have suggested in the Covid-19 page. (Typical George Orwell 1984 Oceania tactics).

James Corbett Oct 2021

There are many researchers who are are suggesting that if there was a virus it was only effecting a small amount of people and the overall agenda has been the 5G roll out (similar symptoms to Sars-Cov-2 and CV-19) the vaccine program, passports etc and the GLOBAL transhuman Archontic Agenda is only now coming to light for many. ( See page - Connecting The Dots).

A smoking-gun document has surfaced in which Daszak asks the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) for fourteen million dollars to play with bat-based “high spillover risk SARSr-COVs. We will sequence their spike proteins, reverse engineer them to conduct binding assays, and insert them into bat SARSr-COV (WIV1, SHC014) backbones…to infect humanized mice and and assess capacity to cause SARS-like disease…by the end of Y1, we will create a prototype app for the warfighter that identifies the likelihood of bats harboring dangerous viral pathogens at any site across Asia.”


Why would “the warfighter” want an app identifying and locating Asian bats carrying dangerous pathogens? Obviously the warfighters Daszek is talking about are not US soldiers invading China who might be forced to suddenly seek refuge in bat-infested caves! Daszek is creating an app for biological warfighters. He is trying to sell DARPA on the idea of building a bat-coronavirus-based bioweapon, unleashing it on China, and blaming the Chinese by pointing to the virus’s supposed origin in Chinese (not American) bats.

Article - 2nd October 2021

* Veterans Today is no longer a trusted source of information as it peddles in lots of disinfo

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