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the last kings of shangai


Censorship by

This website was transferred to due to our websites being censored. The mistake our IT guy made was that he did not check who owns as it is an Israeli software company. Upon transferring our website over to several pages which all related to being critical of Israel and bolshevism disappeared. As have other pages such as Matt Ehret's page.

Other pages were:

Definition: (Page can be found here on Wayback machine)

This page related to all research we had done on Bolshevism and the Russian Secret police the Cheka, The Stasi and the FBI and COINTELPRO.

Europa: The Last Battle (Can be found here)

This page related to the historical series from 2017 and a page that was being developed on assassination programs.

Deep State: (Can be found here)  (1st September 2022) This page was Matt Ehret's page which has now been delted twice.

This page was just a basic page with good links by Matt Ehret on the Deep State.

If website companies are censoring websites which are critical of Israel, and the actions of Jewish people involved with Bolshevism (Khazars) is this because Israel has something to hide? I'd recommend that Peeps watch Brendon O'Connels videos on his youtube channel and especially his playlist on the Clover Leaf Map and the Silk Road.


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