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the last kings of shangai

This is where the Globalist Oligarchs

are directing human evolution to:


The Targeted Individuals 'Hit Job' Documentary

cosmo 2

You will be able to see from the following email that the producer was going to contact the experts we provided. How many experts did you see in the documentary?




We believe that the documentary teams objective was to attempt to not only stitch us up and portray us via the editing room as being mentally unstable due to the success of this website, but also the entire targeted community, which it appears they have done with this documentary.  




As a result, we declined to appear in the documentary.

The 'Hit Job' TI Documentary




enemy of the state

The below documentary was released by VICE MEDIA in May 2017. We were approached by the director Alana McVerry and the producer Cosmo Studholme last year and had a meeting which lasted several hours. It became apparent early on during discussions that the documentary they were going to make was going to be a 'hit job' on the hundreds of thousands of people, possibly millions of people who are currently being systematically targeted by policies which were first put into motion by Jewish communists after the 1917 revolution in the former Soviet Union (Russia). These policies were implemented by the Jewish controlled secret police the Cheka. ( See 'Definition' page). These policies then spread from communist Russia to other communist states after World War 2 and were made infamous by the East German secret police the Stasi after their files were discovered after the Berlin Wall came down in 1989.  In the USA , COINTELPRO also started around the same time as the East German -'zersetzung' programs, which to our understanding and findings, shows clear complicity between the communists and capitalists.


Our correspondence with the producer shows quite clearly that we provided him after our meeting with a list of experts who would be willing to appear in the documentary which we discussed during our meeting, of which the director and producer agreed to include. These experts included former British military surveillance experts, former police officers, intelligence personnel and even a former member of the East German secret police the Stasi who we would have flown at our own expense from Germany to the UK to appear in the documentary.

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