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You will be able to see from the following email that the producer was going to contact the experts we provided. How many experts did you see in the documentary?


We believe that the documentary teams objective was to attempt to not only stitch us up and portray us via the editing room as being mentally unstable due to the success of this website, but also the entire targeted community, which it appears they have done with this documentary.

As a result, we declined to appear in the documentary.

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Documentary Analysis - Page under construction - due July 2017

At the beginning of this documentary they film at the bases project with Miles Johnstone. As we have previously suggested, there has been an attempt to portray targeted individuals as belonging in the same category as UFO abductee's which M.Johnstone has been very much involved with since the 1970's.

The vast majority of Targeted Individuals are subjected to community based gang stalking and psychological decomposition programs which the East German Stasi were infamously well known for. The FBI started similar programs under CONITELPRO around the same time as the Stasi in the 1950's. The objectives was to psychologically break down the individual, or groups of individuals in programs which were called zersetzung.

Dr John Hall published a book last year called Technologies for Political Control: Guinea Pigs which focused on individuals who had been experimented on with implants and other electronic devices/weapons as a tool for political control. We estimate that this sub-group of targeted individuals only account for less than 5% of the entire targeted individual community.
However, the documentary team decided to focus their entire program on that subject, despite them being briefed for several hours on the entire subject.

We therefore reached the decision that the documentary was meant to discredit targeted individuals and also direct targets to the work of Miles Johnstone and the UFO community which is an obvious psyop to distract targets from the truth of why they are being targeted.


This documentary is a good example of the efforts made by the corporate media to distort and confuse the targeted individual subject matter.