Targeted Individuals

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In May of 2017 we added a geovisit page counter to this website in order to understand from which countries people were accessing our website. We had a fairly good idea of which countries had become police states and we were intrigued to know the extent of the problem globally. What we discovered was what we pretty much expected but we were also astonished by the statistics map.

This map shows the location of where our website was accessed from in the United States over a 8 month period from May - Dec 2017.

usa stats nov 2018


This map shows the UK and Europe and the one below is China where our website is banned.

uk stats nov 2018



stats new china india



As this website is only available in english we expected to have a high volume of visits from english speaking countries which is the case, although we did not expect to see visits from all areas of the USA and the UK.

If the citizens of East Germany under the rulership of the communist regime and the oppressive state security the Secret police the Stasi had access to a website to assist them in their struggle for political, psychological and spiritual freedom from the 1950's, we would expect to see the same statistics map that we see today in the United States, the UK and Europe.

The Berlin Wall may have fallen, but the agenda of the global elites to convert the planet into a worldwide open prison to completely enslave the human race continues.....

What will you do?