Targeted Souls

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Psychological Conditioning- Page Under Construction

Habit and the Effect of Being Targeted

I just finished reading the transcripts of a speech (‘Sex, Lies, and Mind Control’)
that was given by Cathy O’Brien, a recovered multi-generational, trauma-based
mind-control victim who was forced from early childhood to serve as a sex-slave
and drug courier for top level US politicians. She’s been through as much as
anybody here, and probably a great deal more. She deserves utmost respect for
what she’s done to expose some of the main perps and their methods in this
sick game that’s being played on society. Everybody should check out her story
if they haven’t already. It very eye opening and gives hope.
She had some relevant words to say that I want to expand on:
“It's important to realize that this is a psychological warfare technique
that we're being subjected to. This is a mind war; we must deal with it
logically. Logic is the key to taking back our country. They're hoping that
we all are going to become very emotional and start shooting at each
other. […] They know the effects of trauma on the human mind. They
know that when trauma occurs, we're all more susceptible to accepting
misinformation and any controls that they want to put through our
controlled media. We must be vigilant any time trauma occurs to see
which of our freedoms are being eroded. The price of freedom is eternal
vigilance, and that certainly applies to freedom of mind, freedom of

First of all, I want to point out that much of what some of us do here in this and
other facebook groups seems to be centered on creating or maintaining a sense
of alarmism, and there is definitely a lot of MISinformation being floated around
that only adds to the overall DISinformation about this whole issue. It all
detracts from coming to any solutions.
Cathy was talking about the TV media in the above quote, but the internet is
even worse if you don’t use some discretion and logic to distinguish between
reliable information and mere opinion or speculation masked as fact. Personally,
I’d like to see people here be more selective in what they post as links to
documents and videos, since the number that get posted exacerbates the ability
to find any nuggets with value. I have a feeling that many of the documents and
videos that people post links to haven’t even been read or viewed by the person
posting, or are just the same information that’s already out there but
regurgitated into new presentations.
Also, just because a document or video is professionally put together and the
author or speaker is some distinguished person from some well-established
organization that purports to have concern about our situation, doesn’t mean

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