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Air Stalking


Mobile Phone Stalking


Mobile Phone Stalking

A Targets mobile phone can be used to track and monitor their location. The microphone and camera/video camera can be activated to listen to the target and even watch what they are doing via the video camera. Even when the phone is switched off the microphone can be activated and used to listen in to conversations. It can also be used to locate where the Target is to within a few feet using GPS technology. Anything that the mobile is used for and information that it contains can be accessed. As this following video clip shows, a Target can be relentlessly harassed via their mobile phone.


Fake Credibility Reports


Doing little things to make the Target think they are going crazy. Citizen informants will enter the Targets home and move their furniture around, change clothing that they bought with similar items and taking items and replacing them later on. To gaslight a Target illegal surveillance may be set up to find out intimate details about the Target.
Also illegal audio and visual equipment may also be installed to monitor the Target.

Guilt Trip

Psychological Manipulation

This video clip (right) shows clearly how a group of people working together with a specific agenda can influence one individual over a couple of days to confess to a murder they didnt commit using a range of psychological tactics.



Wrong Number Calls


Targets have reported that items in their shopping trolley have been replaced with the same item containing a poison when they have moved away from the shopping trolley. When a target is monitored and profiled their eating habits are analysed and where they shop and who with will be noted. Targets have also been poisoned with food in their own home.

Note: To add......... Harssmment through Institutions NHS etc Classical/operant conditiong

Directed Energy Weapons

A history of microwave experiments

Microwave attacks against protestors

Covert Warfare

Is it Possible to Manipulate Someone to carry out an Assassination

Can a member of the public be hypnotised into killing someone? Is it possible to programme somebody to kill, and without them realising it?

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The following video shows several of the above methods of harassment being waged against an unsuspecting woman in the US.

The Reality

Video Below