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Red Squad programs were used for monitoring and the harassment of various groups. Along with the Russian Secret Police the Cheka they were responsible for the elimination of over 66 million targets. Civilian Spies also known as “Covert Human Intelligence Sources” are recruited from every level and sector of society. Just like with Cointelpro investigations everyone in the targets life is made a part of this ongoing never ending systemic psychological harassment, influence and manipulation of the targeted individual. These actions are specifically designed to control the target with the aim of keeping them in line or their psychological destruction (Zersetzung). These actions can also be designed to destroy the target over time, make them look crazy and leave them with no form of support as the stress and anxiety of such programs tends to the target isolating themselves.
For the targets of this harassment Gang Stalking is experienced as a covert psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual form of attack that is capable of immobilizing and destroying a target over time. For the state it’s a way to keep the targets in line, control them, psychologically program them over a period of time and attempt to destroy them. The people conducting these programs have now been identified as having pathological psychopathy - and are a part of the "Psychopathic Control Grid".

Worldwide programs of control and conformity have been used with equal success and lethality. What we are seeing now is a globally co-ordinated and organised effort of control and conformity. Many countries around the world are currently using a model of policing called Community Oriented Policing. It’s described as a systemic approach to policing. It focuses on instilling a sense of community within a geographically located neighborhood. Communities come together and discuss what values they would like to have in their community, and it’s also a time to discuss problem individuals the police have identified in a specific area. The Police will usually then use smear campaigns in attempts to character assassinate the targeted individual and a bogus investigation will be opened. Police informants and local citizens can then be easily directed to harass the targeted individual. These local programs in many countries have been forming partnerships with other government run programs at local, regional and national levels. In Eastern block countries community orientated policing was used by the police to run communities with an iron fist using intimidation and harassment using police informants. It is this model of policing that many Targeted Individuals have complained that is being abused to recruit informants for use in gang stalking. See link for criticisms of community orientated policing:

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This modern day systemic form of control harassment or more precisly - Covert Warfare could only be funded at higher governmental levels just like it has been in other countries since at least 1917 where similar types of harassment programs have been implemented.

It’s all part of a system of control and conformity that has been in place for decades, and in some cases centuries. A system of control with many local groups and appendages taking part.

Many do not understand or care that the end consequence of this harassment protocol is to destroy a person.

Quote on the systematic terrorizing of individuals:

“Organized Stalking is a form of terrorism used against an individual in a malicious attempt to reduce the quality of a person’s life so they will: have a nervous break-down, become imprisoned, institutionalized, experience constant mental, emotional, or physical pain, become homeless, and/or commit suicide. This is done using well-orchestrated accusations, lies, rumors, bogus investigations, setups, framings, intimidation, overt or covert threats, vandalism, thefts, sabotage, torture, humiliation, emotional terror and general harassment. It is a “ganging up” by members of the community who follow an organised method and participate in a systematic “terrorizing” of an individual.”

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The Connie Marshall Story

FBI Counter Intelligence Operations (COINTELPRO)

Below is a documentary on the original FBI counter intelligence programs (COINTELPRO) that were deployed against activists, whistleblowers and ordinary members who of the public. These gang stalking programs started to appear in the US, UK, and much of Western Europe at around the same time in the 1950's which would suggest a pre-planned counter intelligence operations by the 1% wealthy elite to curtail dissent and effectively destroy those who had the moral principles to attempt to change society for the better.

Several hundred years ago, similar counter intelligence operations were conducted by the roman catholic church which were highly effective.

Zersetzung - The East German Secret Police Methodology of Psychological Decomposition

The Stasi used Zersetzung essentially as a means of psychological oppression and persecution. Findings of operational psychology were formulated into method at the Stasi’s College of Law and applied to political opponents in an effort to undermine their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Operations were designed to intimidate and destabilise them by subjecting them to repeated disappointment, and to socially alienate them by interfering with and disrupting their relationships with others as in social undermining. The aim was to induce personal crises in victims, leaving them too unnerved and psychologically distressed to have the time and energy for anti-government activism. The Stasi intentionally concealed their role as mastermind of the operations. Author Jürgen Fuchs was a victim of Zersetzung and wrote about his experience, describing the Stasi’s actions as “psychosocial crime”, and “an assault on the human soul”.