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Gambits for Deception

One of the main issues that our group experienced by using online social media and forums was covert psychological manipulation, influence, harassment and deception. The techniques that we experienced were at first so subtle that we did not even think that it was psychological harassment. For example; a targeted individual would make a comment on a friends facebook profile. Another person who you did not personally know who was also friends with that person would then make a comment, which was aimed at influencing you by deception, as this other persons facebook profile had been hacked by the "internet police" and was being used to manipulate, harass, deceive and influence thoughts, behaviour and actions. We discovered over several years that the "internet police" would hack into mulitple profiles and twitter accounts etc in order to psychologically interfere with a targeted individual. The facebook account of the person who was hacked would never know that their account had been hijacked for this form of covert (and occassionally overt ) psychological harrassment.
It wasn't until Edward Snowden released the GCHQ files 'Gambits for Deception' in 2014 that we not only connected the dots but fully realised how sophisticated this methodoly had become. We would recommend that targets have a printed out copy of the below chart next to their computer and be extensively aware over a period of time of their online communications for possible interference, without of course slipping into paranoia. Be analytical.

gambits for deception screen saver