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Europa - The Last Battle is the most relevant historical box set of our modern era that you have never heard of, that you have got to see. ~ Steven Spielsberg

A Warning By David Crowley

In 2010 former US Veteran David Crowley who had served in Iraq and Afghanistan attended film school and began writing a script entitled "Gray State" in which he wrote about how a totalitarian foreign regime conquers the U.S. government and a band of patriots form a resistance.

In 2012 he uploaded a trailer for his forthcoming film:

In January 2015 David Crowley, his wife and daughter were shot to death in their home in Minnesota in an apparent murder-suicide....


In 2014 the film - I,Origins (below) was released which showed how biometrics were being used to monitor incoming souls via iris scans which was an actual program that was implemented by the Indian government/intelligence.

In 2014 Edward Snowden also released information which detailed a NSA program called Optic Nerve whose aim was to secretly gather iris scans via personal computers and cell phones which collected tens of millions of biometric data, all of which was done illegally.

In the film the iris scans of babies that were collected were controlled by one corporation.

We would highly recommend the below film.

Some of this information can sound all futuristic and fanciful like the film Minority Report, but what if a small number of secret societies who knew that reincarnation was the actual reality, and these secret societies had been manipulating the reincarnation process for centuries as they were making sure they reincarnated back into the same 13 wealthy families which enabled the same dark souls total control of this planet, as depicted in the BBC/America TV Program - Intruders which was screened in 2014 starring John Simm.

The Gospel of Thomas which contained scripture on reincarnation was excluded from the bible several centuries ago and this gospel only came to 'light' after the Nag Hammadi scrolls were discovered in 1947 which date over 2000 years old.

We will attempt to provide further explanation in due course....

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