Targeted Souls



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New book - NOT actual cover

We would like to sincerely thank Mukazo Mukazo Vunda for his research, articles and books on covert warfare which has enabled us to provide a more detailed and comprehensive information on covert warfare on civilians. We hope Mukazo is still alive and resisting his daily attacks from his perpetrators.
His books can be purchased from these links below.

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Documentaries and Video Clips

Individual Stories of Whistleblowers

Stories of individuals in the UK.

Lethal Injection: The story of Vaccination

How vaccines really effect the human body.

History of Whistleblowing

The history of whistleblowers in the US. There is no UK equivelant documentary that can be located.

Electronic harassment

Roger Tolces is a Los Angeles private investigator who specializes in electronic countermeasures. In the past thirty years he has swept over 2500 locations for bugs and wiretaps. In recent years his business has included helping victims of electronic harassment and mind control. Electronic harassment takes place if someone uses any electronic device to aid them in invading your person or property for the purpose of gathering information illegally, or for the purpose of causing physical harm. Mr. Tolces uses over $100,000 of high-tech equipment to try to identify the sources of electronic harassment

When Men become truly Free

Recommended Books

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