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Grail-children know deep in their souls that life is a destinic journey. Their being is graced with the knowing that they are part of, and connected to, something greater than themselves, something eternal and universal.

They are aware that there are invisible guardians mysteriously guiding and directing them towards integration of the past and evolution of the future. They seek self-knowledge as a way of progressing toward knowledge of God. They find themselves constantly placed in challenging situations that require them to draw on their inner resources and discover new strengths and connections.

They are magnetized towards sacred places where they instinctively sense that there is something vitally important to be discovered and experienced. Synchronicity occurs regularly in the lives of Grail-children. They are open to it, and after a while come to expect it.

In time, they train their minds to spin and transmit signals to summon the essence of what they need or seek. They operate in time and space, but easily slip into timeless, limitless states of awareness. Grail-children are self-sufficient and being on their own holds no fear for them because they are strangers to loneliness and boredom.

They tend to avoid large crowds. In company they either expand and glow, or retreat and remain aloof. Some of them practice the art of becoming invisible.

At the crucial cross-roads of their lives they trust implicitly that the way forward will be made known to them. Relationships are rarely formed at random but stem from the instinctive yearning to discover and mirror the unrevealed aspects of self and other.

Grail-children are not interested in maintaining fixed and predictable identities, nor are they inclined to conform to the prevailing rules and regulations of the era. They do not pay great heed to hierarchical rules or societal norms because these they see as transient and temporal compared to the blueprint of universal law that has been etched upon their souls since the beginning of time.

Grail-children love mysteries and are continually questing for hidden truths and ancient knowledge in order to recollect what was once known. Grail-children sense that they have come from the One and know that the return to the One demands unflagging trust, resilience, cheerfulness and ingenuity. They perceive unity as an ideal harmonious state, the alpha and omega of existence, yet they embrace the shattered splinters of the many-faceted mirror because multiplicity is the manifold expression of the One.

Grail-children carry the awareness that they are born alone and will die alone. They seek like-minded companions with whom to form meaningful relationships based on reciprocal love, honour, loyalty and respect.

Grail-children find joy in being of service, provided that this service is accepted as a gift and is not exploited. Grail-children have an inner confidence that all is One, that all is meaningful and all is contained within the Chalice of the One.

In them are distilled the essences of sun and moon, of earth and sea, of elements and alloys. They instinctively seek the antithesis to every thesis, the balm to every suffering. Sometimes they have to lose their love in order to find it, or they are called upon to be prepared to accept that their loved-one has ceased to love them, whether this is so or not.

They are able to discriminate, in the sense of being aware of difference, but this does not lead to judgement. They know that pride comes before a fall. In times of need they may be called to selfless function in the world.

The outcome is determined by the degree to which the gifts of grace, revelation, knowledge, understanding and discernment can be contained, transformed and transmitted, and by the extent to which they can abandon ego and surrender to the source of love and inspiration. Grail-children know that to approach the Grail is a personal choice.

Whether or not they become transparent crystals reflecting the light of truth is not in their hands. It is a Grace."

Is the author a Grail-child?

king arthur sword

A Sword from the 13th Century

The sword is 5ft 6 inches long, so therefore the person must have been around 9 feet tall. Did giants exist in Celtic times, of course they did.

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