Targeted Individuals

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In this section we will attempt to introduce a theory of co-ordinated assassination programs towards targeted individuals and how these programs are generally entwined within other assassination programs. We will also discuss the theories of the Ruling Elite bloodlines using the astrological esoteric sciences to target specific souls or groups of souls that stem back hundreds of years and even possibly thousands of years. We will also explain the science behind reincarnation cycles. We will attempt to explain why 70% of the targeted individual community who are completely unaware as to why they were targeted may fit into the category of Targeted Souls.

In the meantime you may find the documentary on Operation Condor and the mass targeting and assassination of individuals under the disguise of having 'left wing' views across the entire South American continent to be relevant to the theory we will be covering in this section. Of interest is the description at the beginning of the documentary which states that the Ruling Elites were using astrologers in Argentina prior to the assassination program.

Operation Condor

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