the crowhouse

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What we each became aware of as we first ventured into campaigning for ex-soldiers was that we all recieved unwarranted surveillance, our every move being monitored and analysed. We were essentially being psychologically profiled. After several months of covert surveillance, monitoring and psychological profiling, the tactics changed to OVERT harassment which is more familarly known as Gang Stalking. This is similar to surveillance though it is made entirely obvious that you are being followed. Gangstalking was commonly known as jew baiting in the 1930's where Nazi police collaborators would follow and harass jews to force them to violently react where they would then be arrested and placed in concentration camps. The East German Stasi called this practice zersetzung.This method of harassment occurred to each of us 24/7 and could involve up to 30 Gang Stalkers each day making sure we were aware we were being monitored, and watched, in every aspect of our lives in everything that we did. These tactics are used on a day-to-day basis against Enemies of the State.

One of the main objectives was aimed at enticing us to react with violence so we could be arrested. Each of us experienced a myriad of different tactics suited to the psychological profile that was completed on us. These methods were also intended to destroy us psychologically, emotionally and spiritually so we would not be in a fit state to campaign ever again such was the severity. The more committed and focused campaigners who were achieving significant results recieved the most brutal methods and tactics in all out attempts to stop them in their tracks. Some Veterans have gone on to experience over 20 years of these tactics and expect it to continue throughout their lifetime. Some of us were born with more tenacity than others....



We have been Blacklisted

We have been all placed on secret police and council databases and blacklists.


The British government is attempting to put a bill through parliament which would make exposing corruption and illegality a criminal offence and the illegal surveillance and harassment of whistleblowers and activists that we have experienced and the methods and techniques explained in the following sections would be legal. The current methods of government and corporate harassment are designed around the law and use every loop hole that can be abused.