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We are presently not active as a campaign or protesting movement though we have recently been involved in spearheading a High Court legal action against the Ministry of Defence. There are over 10,000 Gulf War veterans (UK)  suffering from illnesses who receive War Disablement Pensions who have been refused treatment by the MoD and the NHS.


All of the 53,250 Servicemen who served in the Gulf War were all experimented on with up to 28 different combinations of experimental vaccines, some of which were unlicenced and had never been used on humans before. The MoD was warned BEFORE vaccinationing troops by the Department of Health in 1990, that using just 2 of the vaccines together  the evidence showed a severe loss of condition and weight loss.  (Declassified Documents). ---






The MoD and each successive government since 1991 has known that troops  were affected by the vaccines they were given in the Gulf War of 1991, though they have not only refused to offer any treatment via the MoD or through the NHS, but they deny that Gulf War Veterans are actually ill at all, whilst simultaneously systematically harassing via covert and overt surveillance and harassment methods any Veterans that attempt to expose the reality. The true figure of how many Veterans have succumb and died as a result of  illnesses from the vaccinations will never be publicly acknowledged, though we believe the figure to be over 9,000 from evidence we obtained as serving members of various national committees.


High Court Case

What Are We Doing Now - (2012)

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Our Future

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We have been all placed on secret police and council databases and blacklists.

We have been Blacklisted

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What we each became aware of as we first ventured into campaigning  for ex-soldiers was that we all recieved unwarranted surveillance, our every move being monitored and analysed. We were essentially being psychologically profiled. After several months of covert surveillance, monitoring and psychological profiling, the tactics changed to OVERT harassment which is more familarly known as Gang Stalking. This is similar to surveillance though it is made entirely obvious that you are being followed. Gangstalking was commonly known as jew baiting in the 1930's where Nazi police collaborators would follow and harass jews to force them to violently react where they would then be arrested and placed in concentration camps. The East German Stasi called this practice zersetzung.This method of harassment occurred to each of us 24/7 and could involve up to 30 Gang Stalkers each day making sure we were aware we were being monitored, and watched, in every aspect of our lives in everything that we did. These tactics are used on a day-to-day basis against Enemies of the State.


One of the main objectives was aimed at enticing us to react with violence so we could be arrested. Each of us experienced a myriad of different tactics suited to the psychological profile that was completed on us. These methods were also intended to destroy us psychologically, emotionally and spiritually so we would not be in a fit state to campaign ever again such was the severity. The more committed and focused campaigners who were achieving significant results recieved the most brutal methods and tactics in all out attempts to stop them in their tracks. Some Veterans have gone on to experience over 20 years of these tactics and expect it to continue throughout their lifetime.  Some of us were born with more tenacity than others....

Twenty years after our alliance begun the majority of our members are still being monitored, harassed and intimidated. The continuous and uninterrupted overt harassment we experience has left some of us with mental and emotional scars due to the aggravated terrorist activity deployed by the British establishment using the Security and Intelligence Services and secretive Police Units. However, some, due to their service in the Gulf War have been physically effected by the long term effects of being vaccinated with numerous experimental vaccines during the Gulf War.  We have unfortunatley not been able to make the greater  impact that we set out to accomplish mainly due to the covert warfare that was directed towards us by the State. However we have had so many successes from the battles we have fought such as exposing the mass experimentation on British Soldiers  in the national media over a period of time. Our main intention of achieving medical treatment that has been denied to over 10,000 British Servicemen who are unable to work due to the  effects of being used as human guinea pigs from the Gulf War 1991, (excluding the Iraq War 2003 and Afganistan) wasn't unfortunately completed. We have though commenced High Court proceedings against the MoD although the law firm we worked with has experienced unprecedented harassment from the establishment. (Update Oct 2017 - The legal firm was forced to close). We did not expect in our democracy that such methods would be deployed by the Security and Intelligence Agencies and privately funded and secretive Police Units to halt us in our efforts for the rights we should have naturally as human beings, and particularly as former soldiers who served our country.


What we have each all incurred for peacefully and non-violently campaigning for ex-soldiers has  left us all "blacklisted", our names placed on secret databases and notifications lists warning private and public services and companies that we are being monitored and under investigation. We are also monitored by groups of citizen informants, the lowest scum that exists in our society. Our lives will never be the same for doing what we believed was the morally right thing to do.  However, each and every one of us, if given the chance again, we would all make the same decision to fight the fight against the establishment for the rights as working class people we are almost always denied by the Ruling Classes, unless ordinary people like us fight for them as history has predominantly shown. We have each learnt and experiemced so much more than we could of ever had imagined if we had lived an ordinary existence doing a 9 to 5 job.



We are the ex-soldiers who refused to be paid off,  unlike some of the trustee's and staff members, past and present of the national Gulf Veterans associations who categorically state that they are representatives, supporters and advocates of Gulf War Veterans. However, when one  delves a little deeper and looks into who is paying their inflated war pensions and other lavish benefits and who provides their funding, (Military Industrial Complex) the conclusion that can be easily reached is that they are more of a 'controlled opposition' than legitimate Veterans advocates. There are even suggestions that the national organisation is a possible front operation acting as a charity for the intelligence agencies to prevent Gulf Veterans from organising protests and campaigns which would be highly embarassing to the establishment. Over 10,000 Gulf Veterans recieve a War Pension from their service in the Gulf War 1991 mainly due to the experimental vaccines and thousands have also died.  




The national  Gulf Veterans organisation is also deemed by many to be in a position to monitor Gulf Veterans and could even be passing on the names and details of Gulf Veterans who are considered to be intelligent, diligent and motivated enough to organise protests and campaigns  which if successful could critically embarass the establishment. The intelligence agencies then deploy methods of harassment as described here to prevent the campaign or protest etc from ever beginning. These methods of police and intelligence agency infiltration go back to the chartism movement of 1838 and more than likely even before that to prevent what is essentially activism of the working classes against the ruling political elites.


The national Gulf Veterans organisation is primarily funded through charities supported by the  establishment, including BAE Systems, a Defence Contractor. In August 2012, a Newsnight and The Bureau of Investigative Journalism investigated the Forces charity Help for Heroes which former Royal Marine Ben McBean, a double amputee and one of Help for Heroes' patrons, said that Help For Heroes and other military charities have been "getting cosy with the MoD". Since this investigation, the BBC has had to make an apology. (16 May 2013).  A BBC spokesman said: "Some veterans had told us about their concerns regarding Help for Heroes and we felt it was right to report those. But in telling their stories, we made some mistakes. That shouldn't have happened and we apologise. ....  (Investigation by newsnight and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism . (Video)


As we are all experienced campaigning Veterans we are well aware of the collusion between ex-military charities, the MoD and the establishment and the concerning revelations of the involvement of so many ex-police officers who were Veterans who are involved in Veterans organisation. (We have been warning about this for a very long time).  The hard work we have put into investigating and exposing these organisations will hopefully awake many Veterans to the long existing reality. However, there will always be those who are gullible enough to believe the rhetoric and the disinformation from within the charities and organisations and like sheep, they will always follow, and never be mentally strong enough or be able to break through the barriers of their own limiting belief systems, to see the truth, and obtain the rights and that they so rightly deserve

Our recent investigations concluded on the  ( 26 April 2013) which will be published via a new website and in conjunction with a  national newspaper.

We are a group of ex- soldiers who formed an alliance as we each had a mutially shared interest in assisting former soldiers who had been affected by sickness and injury as a result of being heavily vaccinated and serving in the Gulf War in 1991.  We come from all corners of the UK: Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, England and the Republic of Ireland. We also have  members worldwide including the USA.


The alliance was formed in 1996 as we each campaigned in our locality for ex-soldiers after each of us noticed that as a result of our peaceful campaigning activities, government agencies payed more than an unhealthy interest in us, and our families.

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We Refused the Lavish Pay Off's!

Interest by the Intelligence Agencies


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The Pitchford Public Inquiry into Undercover Policing Operations 1968 - 2008

Covert Black Op's


In Unity There is Strength in Numbers

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The British government is attempting to put a bill through parliament which would make exposing corruption and illegality a criminal offence and the illegal surveillance and harassment of whistleblowers and activists that we have experienced and the methods and techniques explained in the following sections would be legal. The current methods of government and corporate harassment are designed around the law and use every loop hole that can be abused.

Our UK members are currently pursuing core participant status to give evidence at the public inquiry on undercover policing operations although this is proving to be a difficult task as many of our members are experiencing a situation where they are receiving ever increasing intimidation from specialist covert black op's teams.


In the case of co-founder Andy Lewis his member of parliament has contacted the inquiry chairman several times to request details on witness protection such is the severity of the covert black op's being deployed against him.




Dozens of attempts were made by special branch to unlawfully place him in a psychiatric institution over a 11 year period as he continually made complaints to the police and parliamentary members of covert black op's team infiltrating every area of his life, as well as subjecting him to a vast array of psychological harassment operations...


In January 2001 his doctor had illegally entered a knowingly false diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia onto his medical records without his knowledge which remained on record for 11 years. (Letter to the right - a diagnosis of paranoid schizoprenia can only be made a psychiatrist, not a GP- doctor). Every time Andy Lewis made a complaint of harassment which included evidence to the police by the covert black op's teams to the police, they attempted to have him assessed by a mental health team which he refused to participate in as was his legal rights.


In 2012 when his doctor retired he finally discovered that the paranoid schizophrenia diagnosis had been entered onto his medical records, which had also been passed to the police, special branch and other agencies.


This method is commonly known as the Political Abuse of Psychiatry which was used extensively throughout communist countries where over 2 million people were dragged off the streets and out of their homes. See Andy Lewis's blog - The Conspiracy of Silence...

Spy Cops



As John Lennon said:


Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we're being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I'm liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That's what's insane about it.

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Update Oct 2017

There was no error of the read coding to the patient records which was investigated by the General Medical Council (GMC). There was also no incorrect diagnosis as a GP cannot diagnose a psychiatric illness.It was unlawful and against NHS Guidelines. North Wales Police refused to investigate criminal behaviour by the doctor who unlawfully entered the false diagnosis.

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In 1998, extrajudicial executions were carried out in 47 countries, 'disappearances' occurred in 37 countries, torture occurred in 125 countries, prisoners of conscience were held in 78 countries, unfair trials for political prisoners occurred in 35 countries, detentions without charge or trial occurred in 66 countries, executions were carried out in 36 countries, and human rights abuses were committed by armed opposition groups in 37 countries.


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