Targeted Souls

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We have been Blacklisted

We have been all placed on secret police and council databases and blacklists.


The British government is attempting to put a bill through parliament which would make exposing corruption and illegality a criminal offence and the illegal surveillance and harassment of whistleblowers and activists that we have experienced and the methods and techniques explained in the following sections would be legal. The current methods of government and corporate harassment are designed around the law and use every loop hole that can be abused.


As we are experienced Veterans that have served in many conflicts from around the globe, from our own individual experiences we no longer acknowledge that conflict actually assists in achieving peace in any shape or form. Iraq and Afganistan being two perfect examples. If you want peace, you dont use war, you use peace to create peace. However, it is in the interest of arms companies, oil companies and other multi-national corporations that extract the natural resources from the countries that we invade for the profits that can be obtained which is the reason for most conflicts in our modern times. War is no longer about freedom and democracy, it is about profit and imperial conquest. Some academics are even suggesting the existance of a Psychopathic Control Grid.

When we were recruited into the Armed Forces we were told many mistruths which were used as a sales pitch of what life in the forces was like. What we actually experieced is portrayed in this documentary.

In Unity There is Strength in Numbers

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